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Travelling to Bolivia

Find all the information and FAQ’s you ned to know when travelling to Bolivia

Tourist Visas for Bolivia

Bolivia Tourist Visas Info

Tourist visas are required for entry into Bolivia for citizens of the United States and a few other countries. Citizens of India and Malaysia can obtain a visa upon arrival, or in advance at any Bolivian Embassy or Consulate. Citizens of Australia, Canada, the UK, most of Europe, New Zealand, Philippines, and many Latin American countries are exempt.

To find out if your nationality requires a Bolivia visa, go to View the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Relations site for up-to-date info & prices. Please note: visa information stated here is only a guideline. Only the information given by the consulate of the country you are planning to visit is up-to-date, official and correct.

The visa for most nationalities is valid for 30 days, and extensions are possible at immigration offices in Bolivia. US citizens receive a visa valid for 3 entries per year over a 5 year period, for a cumulative stay of no more than 90 days. For US citizens, the cost is US $ 160.

In order to obtain a Bolivia tourist visa, you will need to have:

  • your passport
  • photocopy of your passport
  • 4cm x 4cm passport-sized photo of yourself
  • international certificate of yellow fever vaccination, if required (see Health section below)
  • visa application form, filled out
  • documentation of your travel itinerary, including flights and hotel reservations
  • photocopies of credit cards or a bank statement
  • processing fee payable in cash, money order, or deposit into the Bolivian Consulate's bank account

If arriving from Peru overland, such as at the Lake Titicaca crossing, US citizens can obtain a Bolivia tourist visa at the border. You will need to bring all the documentation listed above, and pay a US $ 135 fee, payable in USD cash.


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