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Patagonia Cruises

Chilean Cruises from Puerto Natales to Patagonia & Punta Arenas to Antarctica

There are several options for Chile Cruises from Puerto Natales to Patagonia. Cruise along the southern and northern ice fields of Chilean Patagonia, or explore the coast near Torres del Paine National Park. Or depart from Punta Arenas and enjoy a cruise to Antarctica, The White Continent.

Want to see penguins, whales, albatross, and other animals endemic to the Patagonia or Antarctica region? Take a Chile cruise to see a variety of wildlife, as well as stunning landscapes like the Chilean ice fields, fjords of extreme southern Patagonia and the magnificent "White Continent" of Antarctica. We also offer pre and post-cruise land-based extensions. Once you land in port, we can arrange city tours, hikes, and other explorations in Chile, Patagonia and Antarctica.

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Patagonia: Australis cruises across Fuegian fjords

Ushuaia & Punta Arenas

The end of the world is waiting for you and the Australis cruise will guide you along the journey. The Ushuaia route shows you breathtaking beauty throughout Patagonia. Enjoy the grandeur beauty and scenery aboard the Australis cruise ship built with comfort and luxury in mind. Make your reservations and travel to the end of the world on a remarkable journey you'll never forget.

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Patagonia: Skorpios cruises across Chilean fjords

Northern and southern ice fields

M/V Skorpios II was launched in 1988, with a maximum capacity of 106 passengers, making it the largest vessel in the Skorpios fleet; it currently covers the same route as M/V Skorpios I, or Chonos Route. In 1995, the company launched a new ship, M/V Skorpios III, which can hold 90 passengers. In 2003 Cruceros Skorpios extended its operations to the Magellanic region, opening a new tourist route, known as the Kaweskar Route, that takes us to the glaciers of the Southern Ice Fields, sailing from Puerto Natales to the Southern Ice Fields. M/V Skorpios III was transferred to Puerto Natales, where a terminal was built for it.

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Antarctica Cruise Ship Ocean Nova

Antarctica XXI

Antarctica Cruise

Venture into the most remote and less populated continent in the world: the Antarctica, the land of ice. Discover its pristine white landscapes and vast wildlife including friendly penguins and seals, and calm, majestuous whales.

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Patagonia Glaciers Cruise and Chile Tour

Patagonia Glaciers Cruise and Chile Tour

Cruise to the San Rafael Glacier in Chile

A fascinating trip to discover the Pacific Ocean and an incredible amount of secrets kept in between that mingle with the immensity of the Patagonia: an ancient subtropical petrified wood by the action of volcanic eruptions over 60 million years ago, nowadays lying in the barren bleak plateau; a cave decorated by Indian paintings 900 years ago; and finally the ice of San Rafael Glacier.

Note: Departures are on Tuesdays, from September to April. Meals are included, according to the itinerary. Air Fare is not included.

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We can arrange a variety of Chile cruises, customized to suit your schedule and the destinations you have in mind. Plus, departures are available throughout the year - just contact us for updated information and availability. If you have already booked a Chile cruise, we recommend also extending your cruise with a pre- or post-extension, booked through our company. If you're interested in a land-based cruise extension, such as a tour that begins and ends at Valparaiso near Santiago, or in Punta ... Show More


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