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Authentic Foods & Drinks in the Amazon

Amazon Food & Drink

Get ready for some new, and familiar flavors as you dive into some of the Amazon's most popular dishes. Learn and experience various types of fruits, meat, and nuts that are unique to the Amazonian region. The hunter and gatherer methods used in this untouched part of the world will fascinate you, and the food will have you calling for seconds!

Travelers that have hopped onto the açaí bowl bandwagon will be happy to hear that the açaí palm tree is native to the Amazon Rainforest. This super fruit is an essential ingredient in many Amazonian dishes, used in desserts and as a side to grilled fish. The nutritious berry has a generous amount of protein and minerals packed into the berry. And another perk about açaí berries is that they are harvested in the Amazon without harming the forest or the species that live there.

Another popular fruit native to the Amazon is the maracuja, also known as passion fruit. Maracuja is another widely used traditional fruit, as it grows on the vines of the forest. And just like açaí, maracuja also has health and medicinal benefits.

In addition to the tropical fruits and vegetables, you may be surprised to find out that several spices, regularly used around the world, can be found in the Amazon rainforest. Ginger, cinnamon, pepper, and vanilla are all found within the lush Amazon Jungle. Now, whenever you add pepper to your eggs or cinnamon to your french toast, you can think of the Amazon.

Main dishes, typically served at dinner, revolve around fish, whether that be grilled, baked, or seared. With 2000 or so species of fish in the Amazon, you can branch out and try all sorts of fish-focused dishes. For a taste of something familiar, the Amazonians also cook Brazilian BBQ and international cuisine. With the variety of food here, disappointment will never reach your tastebuds.

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We are very happy with our itinerary

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