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Weather information for the Amazon

Amazon Weather Info

Have you ever wondered what keeps the Amazon Rainforest so beautifully green and exotic? What kind of weather do the diverse ecosystems and thriving wildlife need? Well, it is the rain! The Amazon Rainforest experiences rain showers year-round, it almost never stops. It is the only way the mighty jungle can keep its abundance of exceptional nature alive.

The climate of the Amazon remains tropical and hot throughout all 365 days of the year. The average annual temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit but can vary between months. Due to its ever so consistent climate, there are no distinct winter and summer seasons. Even when you consider the “dry” and “wet” season, there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

Unlike other places, the Amazon has no “dry season.” Precipitation varies, but it will most definitely come down. The not-so-rainy season in the Amazon occurs in a tiny window, during the months March and June. It is believed that during this time, rainfall starts to decrease. The “wettest” of the rainy season in the Amazon lasts from December to May. All the rain makes riverboat rides, canoeing, and night safari’s a hit! It’s also interesting to see all the human-made structures built on stilts. Stilts help with the seasonal flooding, ensuring that local’s and their belongings are kept secure.

Pack waterproof gear, such as rain boots, a rain jacket, and even a camera protector! You will want to see and experience all of the Amazon’s gems. And you can’t do that, without the proper equipment!

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