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Best times to travel to the Amazon

Best Time to Travel to the Amazon

In truth, there isn't a bad time to visit the Amazon Rainforest. Let your personal preferences and interests guide you to the best time to travel to the Amazon. With rainfall year round (it is called the rainforest for a reason!), focus your attention on the high water and low water seasons. About 250 out of the 365 days of the year, it does rain in the Amazon, but the change in water levels is primarily due to seasonal rains and snow in the Andes. The water level can fluctuate more than 40 feet throughout the year!

High water season occurs from December to May. During these months, the Amazon river is at its highest. As the rain comes down, the Amazon basin starts to flood, and boat excursions become a much deeper adventure. With the extra water in the river, travelers are allowed to see some of the wildlife that may have hidden from the main course of the river. Guests are also able to swim in the beautiful blackwater creeks!

Low water season lasts from June to November. As the water starts to recede, forest animals, fish, and pink dolphins that have separated become more concentrated. And as the extra water begins to drain from the wetlands, forest walks become popular, as the trails are clear and lead guests deeper into the rainforest.  During this time you'll also have better access for fishing opportunities. There is less precipitation which brings fewer mosquitos. 

Though there is not a significant difference between the dry and wet season, there are still months that are considered to be “drier.” The dry season in the Amazon starts in July and ends in December. During this time, there is intense heat, humidity, and little precipitation. Trails and beaches open up, and the number of mosquitoes diminishes. During this period, travelers will experience the best hiking and fishing.

The wet season lasts from January to June. The forests begin to flood, the river level rises, and intermittent showers occur nearly every day. It’s encouraged that you pack the appropriate waterproof attire if you travel to the Amazon during this time. There is better boat access due to the rain, and excursions are led farther down the river with an abundance of wildlife. There are also slightly cooler temperatures, but the humidity of the Amazon remains consistent.

There is never a bad time to go to the Amazon as the climate varies very slightly depending on the time of year. From July to December the water levels are lower so more trails are exposed and you can venture further into the forest. During this time you'll also have better access for fishing opportunities. There is less precipitation which brings fewer mosquitos. From January to June the water levels are higher so you can navigate the forest via the river and its tributaries more easily. The rain (it rarely rains for more than an hour or two) brings slightly cooler temperatures and fruits and flowers bloom, so you have a better chance of seeing animals. 

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