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Best Time to Travel to Antarctica

Best Time to Travel to Antarctica

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning a trip to Antarctica is that the extreme weather conditions make it unsafe to travel to Antarctica during the winter season. The best times - and only times - to visit are between November and March. November is the beginning of the summertime, while March is the end and is the best time for spotting whales. During this time, the ice starts to break up, allowing ships to enter the untouched winter white territory. Icebergs are at their largest size in November, perfect for photo opportunities. The continent will be layered with ice and snow, with beautiful flowers beginning bloom on the islands.

During the months from December to January, the sun will shine for a lot longer, so be ready for some warmth. Temperatures are slightly above freezing, which creates the perfect moment for seal pups and penguin chicks, as well as whales. January is an excellent time to see penguin chicks and seal pups, with slightly warmer temperatures. And by warm temperatures, we mean just above freezing.

In February, you will experience warm weather as well. Wildlife will be out, with a great chance of spotting whales. You might even have a small window of opportunity to sail across the Antarctic Circle during this time of the year.

For travelers interested in spotting whales, cruise to Antarctica during March. The temperature will drop to its normal state below freezing levels, but the whales will be easy to spot.

Try to avoid planning a trip to Antarctica during the months April, May, June, July, August, and September. During these months, the weather is quite cold, and the winds are treacherous and the nights are endless.

Late October and November are quite cold months. Though, if you can bare the temperatures, they do offer the best views of some of Antarctica’s largest icebergs as well as elephant seals.

Once December comes around, Antarctica starts to experience an increase in temperatures, as the sunlight starts to become permanent. It is also the most popular time to visit the icy continent, so be sure to book early!

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