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What to Pack for an Antarctica Cruise

If you’re traveling to Antarctica, you should always prepare for cold weather. Though, in general, Antarctica cruises take place when it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, which can lead to a variety of temperatures. Some of what you pack will depend on the cruise that you take. For many, your room on board will be smaller than you’re used to, so plan on packing light, leaving extra room for you to relax and stretch.  

It’s easy to forget that Antarctica is not your only destination on this trip. Your cruise has to start and end somewhere, and you should pack some clothes according to that location. Cruises to Antarctica begin in various cities, such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Ushuaia, etc. Depending on where your cruise begins, you should consider packing clothes for both warm and cold temperatures. That way you can be comfortable as you explore the city!  

Note that you will be entering territory that has temperatures revolving around freezing weather, but don’t overdo it with oversized clothing. One of the most important articles of clothing you’ll need for Antarctica is waterproof gear. Waterproof outerwear is extremely helpful for when you embark on land excursions, trekking through the fresh snow. Consider bringing a pair of waterproof pants, boots, and possibly a waterproof case for your camera. That way, you won’t have to worry about protecting your lens during photo opportunities!

We often think of Antarctica as being extremely cold, which it is, but don’t let that discourage you from bringing sunscreen. The sun's rays are intense, and you will need protection. In addition to sunscreen, remember to pack a pair of sunglasses! The snow can be extra bright as it reflects off the snow, and you’ll want to protect your eyes, as well as have clear visibility of the wildlife that surrounds you.

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