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Argentine Litoral Estancia

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4 Days / 3 Nights

Cattle Estancia Activities

Whether you want to spend a relaxing vacation and enjoy a book while listening to the birdsongs, or feel the adrenaline as you go horseback riding or canoe riding in the Pucu Estuary, Estancia Bella Vista is for you. Lodge at the comfortable room at the 19th-century main building and explore the 40,000-hectares estancia with the tours offered at the moment at your arrival, that can include hikes, horseback riding, cultural activities to learn about gauchos' habits and routines, birdwatching, and canoe rides.

Note: The following itinerary is just an example of the activities offered by the Estancia and is subject to change. This a tour extension and must be combined with one of our full package (6 nights minimum) tours. Please contact a travel consultant about adding a custom Argentina travel package to this extension.

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Video Lodge

We include what others call optional

This tour includes:

    • Accommodation at Estancia Buena Vista
    • Tours from the estancia menu
    • Full-board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
    • Not included: transfer in/out


  • Pucu Estuary
  • Litoral Mammals & Birds
  • Horseback Riding
  • Authentic Argentine Estancia

Estancia Buena Vista buffet

Arrival at Estancia Buena Vista

Day 1

Esquina is located 600 km (370 mi) from Buenos Aires, and there are several options to arrive in here. One of them is taking a regular bus from Buenos Aires towards Esquina Bus Station (taking about 8 hours), and then booking a transfer from there to the estancia. If you're coming by plane, fly to Santa Fe city and then book a transfer to the estancia, driving for about 3 hours.
Arrive at Estancia Buene Vista, your home for the following 3 days.
Head to one of the seven suites, settled on a late 19th-century rural mansion. Breath in the pure air, away from the pollution and noise of the big cities. You can bathe in the swimming pool, surrounded by the nature.

Please note: Transfers are not included but can be booked for an additional price.

Horseback riding in Estancia Buena Vista

Gaucho for one Day

Day 2

Today, take one of the tours offered by the estancia, for example:
Gaucho for one Day:
During this horse ride activity you will be able to share and enjoy the different tasks gauchos take every day, and become one of them for a day.
Depending on the job of the day, you may have to separate cattle, take them to bathe, check out the paddocks, or any other rural activity.
Estancia Buena Vista horses are all tame and calm, and a gaucho will be your guide to teach you about how to treat them. At Buena Vista there are 4.000 hectares for you to ride at full gallop, with lagoons, native forests and also to stroll along the sandy beaches of the river.

Esquina Estancia Buena Vista boating excursion

Pucu Estuary Canoe Ride

Day 3

After you've soaked up energies by eating a homemade breakfast, talk to the staff to select one of the tours offered, such as the following:
Canoe Ride
Morning is the perfect time for riding a canoe at Pucu Estuary. Using a pole instead of an oar enables you to be more silent, which increases the chances of spotting capybaras, yacare alligators, and endemic birds from Corrientes.
Enjoy the tranquility of the water and the mesmerizing sounds of nature.

Esquina Buena Vista landscape

Departure from Estancia Buena Vista

Day 4

At scheduled time, check out of Estancia Buena Vista and transfer back to Buenos Aires, or to another destination in Argentina or South America.

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