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Argentina Food & Drink

Argentina Food & Drink

Breakfast in the hotels we work with will usually provide the necessities of a traditional American breakfast. Expect coffee, tea, juice, yogurt, pastries, toast, fruit, and cereal. Afternoon tea is common in Argentina, as many gather to drink mate with a pastry or toasted sandwich on the side. All meals in Argentina, start later in the day compared to the United States. Usually, lunch is served around 2 pm or later and dinner is served around 9 pm.

Buenos Aires is a city that takes dining seriously, and meals can easily last for hours. Argentina is renowned for their steak, and there are several parrilla steak houses in the city, where you can find asado, barbecued beef, of excellent quality. Pair an asado with a glass of red wine for the ultimate dining delight. You may also consider trying yerba mate with a dish at dinner, as it is the traditional gaucho drink.

You can’t leave Argentina, let alone a meal, without trying their national desserts. The national desserts consist of dulce de leche, a sweet confection of milk jelly, and the alfajores cookie. An alfajores is a cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche. They can be found in Spain, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil.

Restaurants in Buenos Aires:

  • La Cabrera: If you’re looking for steak, La Cabrera has top quality steaks that are slow-cooked and bring out the flavor of Argentine grass-fed beef.
  • Don Julio: Located in Palermo, this family owned parrilla offers excellent food, great wines, and friendly staff that’ll make you come back for more.
  • The Argentine Experience: If you are looking for a cultural experience where you can indulge in traditional Argentine cuisine, spend an evening cooking delicious dishes at the Argentine Experience.
  • Hierba Buena: A healthy alternative to the steak houses in Buenos Aires with salads, fresh fruit smoothies, fish and vegetarian plates, and more.
  • i Latina: This popular restaurant is Buenos Aires’ best closed-door restaurant that serves the flavors of Latin America in a unique and sophisticated way.

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A great trip and everything went smoothly

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