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Argentina Weather Information

Argentina Weather Info

Aerial view of Buenos Aires and city monuments

Central Argentina consists of the Pampas, Cordoba Hills, Mar de Plata, and Buenos Aires. In central Argentina, the weather is mostly hot and humid during the summer and cool and dry during the winter.

Buenos Aires faces Uruguay to the north and rests very close to the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is temperate with distinct seasons. You can expect warm weather in the Fall, ranging from 10-21 degrees Celsius, cooler weather in the Winter ranging from 2-12 degrees Celsius, and Spring and Summer experience warmer weather ranging from 13-31 degrees Celsius.

The northeastern edge of Argentina is covered in the Atlantic Rainforest jungle, and the northwestern side of Argentina remains a desert region with high-altitude plains and river valleys. The Andes run on a line starting from northern Argentina all the way to the southern extreme in Tierra del Fuego.

Along the Atlantic Coast, there are mild temperature beaches, and in the southern inland territory, Patagonia dominates with its glaciers, granite peaks, and pampas (the open plains of the gauchos).

Take note of the three major seasons in Argentina: the low season, the shoulder season, and the high season.

The low season is from June to August and is a fantastic time to visit northern Argentina. Some beach resorts can close, and snow can block mountain passes. Note that July is a highly popular month for tourism in Argentina, and destinations can get very busy.

The shoulder season is from September to November and March to May. This shoulder season is the best time to visit Argentina if you’re focused on temperature. The Lake District is beautiful during this time of the year as the leaves start to change color. Visit Mendoza because the grapes are in full harvest, and the wine festival begins!

The high season in Argentina is from November to February, and the month of July. During the high season, in Patagonia, the weather is perfect. Many people come to hike and explore the Patagonia region. Beaches become crowded from late December through January, and the ski resorts are packed with guests from June to August.

Remember that the seasons in the southern hemisphere are opposite of North America.

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