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Best times to Travel to Argentina

Best Time to Travel to Argentina

Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, and has one of the greatest ecosystem varieties on the planet. With a country so large, you must look at the region you want to travel to, to determine the best time to go. Located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons of Argentina are opposite to those in North America. Winter is from June to September and summer is from December to March. So when is the best time for you to travel to Argentina? Well it depends on what you’re looking to do when you get there!

Visit Buenos Aires from September through May for sunshine and cool breezes. If you travel there during the months June to August, you will most likely run into some cold and cloudy weather.

If you’re headed for the northwestern part of Argentina, expect to find destinations like Salta, Jujuy, Tucuman and Cafayate. These locations have exceptional landscapes, striking mountains, and rich indigenous cultures. Sitting at a perfect altitude for growing Torrontes grapes, the northwestern region of Argentina can produce a white wine that is only seen in this region of the world. Take note that the air here will be dry and temperatures tend to be lower.

Looking for some fabulous wine? Well, head to Mendoza. Mendoza is famous for its wine and beautiful views of the Andes mountains. And the best part of Mendoza is that it receives sunshine year-roudn! Visit Aconcagua during the summer months when the region experiences comfortable temperatures, and an arid climate. This is a perfect time to hike, or explore the red soil and winding rivers of the region.  

If a tropical vacation is calling your name, head to Northwestern Argentina. The climate here is subtropical and experiences high temperatures with frequent rainfall. The best time to visit is during the months September to November, when the temperature drops to a comfortable level and crowds tend to be smaller. This is the best time to visit Iguazu Falls, and the Atlantic Rainforest.

Visit Patagonia between October and March for the best hiking and exploration. The rest of the year tends to be on the cold side, and very few tours or accommodations are available.

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