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Best Time to Travel to Bolivia

Best Time to Travel to Bolivia

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There are distinct seasons in Bolivia that help travelers determine when the best time is to visit. First, decide your travel interests and then choose a season. The dry season, also known as winter, begins in May and ends in October. During this period, there are many clear days with some occasional rain showers. You won't need to worry about any barriers to transportation. The roads during this time are also clearer and better for overland transport. This can be a high tourism time, so expect prices to be higher and attractions to be busier.

During the dry season, days are generally shorter, but when the sun is out, it's shining brightly. If you enjoy hiking, trekking, climbing, or any other outdoor activities, this is the best time to travel to Bolivia. You won't experience any transportation limitations, and trails will be free of flooding.

June to August is the most popular time to travel to Bolivia. This is when many foreigners take their summer vacation. Also, this is the time when many Bolivian festivals take place. The high demand in travel to Bolivia will cause larger crowds and limited availability in hotels. Make sure to book early if you plan to travel during this time.

The rainy season lasts from November to March. Road transportation becomes nearly impossible during this time due to flooding and muddy barriers. However, river transport becomes much more frequent. For slightly less rain, head to the Altiplano. Just make sure there aren't too many road closures blocking your passage. Despite some of the transportation inconveniences and cold weather, the rainy season is a gorgeous time to explore the Andes, as the mountainsides transform into green grassland and blooming wildflowers.

A few times a year, the country experiences some cold breezes coming up from Patagonia. These chilly waves are known as surazos. Make sure to pack some warm clothes.

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