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Authentic Foods & Drinks in Bolivia

Bolivia Food & Drink

Bolivian cuisine is a mix of Spanish and Quechua influences, and dishes vary depending on its landscape. For instance, local specialties will change depending on where you find yourself in the country.

The highlands and lowlands of Bolivia utilize their own special flavors, with tropical emphasis in the lowlands. Cuisine found in the Andes and Altiplano can be expected to revolve around carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, quinoa, and various types of meat. In La Paz and other large cities, you can find national and international restaurants. For example, pizzerias are common as well as Chinese restaurants.

There are chicharronarias, restaurants specializing in deep fried meat sandwiches, and lots of meat dishes featuring cuy (guinea pig), beef, chicken, anticucho (beef hearts), chorizo, and more. Juice bars are common, as are street vendors selling empanadas and pastries. Empanadas can be eaten as a meal or a daytime snack. There are several varieties of chicha, corn-based beer, as well as non-alcoholic versions.

Vegetarian options are hard to find outside of the main cities. Bolivia is landlocked, however, fish is still available. Try the fresh trout from Lake Titicaca, a favorite for Bolivian locals.

If you're looking for the best deal, try to dine at a local market or find a restaurant with a set lunch menu. Tipping is not expected at restaurants but will be accepted. The drinking age in Bolivia is 18.


  • Aransaya: On the top of the Radisson Plaza Hotel is this upscale restaurant that serves international and Bolivian dishes.
  • Gustu: Known as one of the best restaurants in the world, Gustu celebrates Bolivian food and beverages.
  • Chez Moustache: This French bistro with simple yet satisfying dishes is a must try when in La Paz.
  • Tambo Colonial: This restaurant serves an exquisite fusion of international cuisine using local ingredients and serves uniquely presented dishes.

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