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Staying Safe in Bolivia

Staying Safe in Bolivia

You should exercise the same caution as you would while traveling in any other foreign country. We recommend taking the following precautions: leave valuable jewelry at home, as well as expensive electronics. When calling a cab, have the hotel or restaurant call a radio taxi rather than hailing one on the street. Carry a money belt, use the hotel safe to hold your passport and other important documents. Be wary of ATM fraud and credit card skimming, where fraudsters copy your card information.

Protests and strikes are common in Bolivia; your guide will try to keep you updated with any relevant news if travel plans will be affected. Taxis and buses can be affected, while airlines usually are not.

All our tours include professional tour guides, and we will arrange all transportation, transfers, hotels, and tours that we know personally and recommend highly.

For US Citizens, the State Department recommends bookmarking the Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts page, following their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and/or downloading their free Smart Traveler App through iTunes to stay up-to-date on travel warnings and news. They also offer useful tips for traveling safely abroad.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has some recommendations on travelling safely in Bolivia.

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Awesome trip!
Awesome trip!

Very good planning, Great guides. I travel a lot with private guides and these were first class.

- Sharon H

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