Tucano Amazon Cruise

The Amazon Odyssey - As Featured in National Geographic Traveller Magazine

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Tucano Amazon River Cruise on a sunny day Tucano Amazon River Cruise Traveling down the Amazon River Tucano Amazon River Cruise Interior Tucano Amazon River Cruise Deck View of the sunset on deck aboard a South America cruise ship Tucano Amazon River Cruise Aerial View of the Amazon River
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5 Days / 4 Nights

The Amazon Odyssey 4 Nights

The Tucano motor yacht is a wonderful way to explore lesser-known tributaries of the Amazon River. The Tucano cruises are perfect for travelers who wish to go deep into the rainforest and explore the heart of wild nature. The Tucano cruise boat is a unique motor yacht, where you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle from the upper decks or enjoy peace and quiet in your private cabin. Explore the Rio Negro and the Rio Amazonas, as well as flooded grasslands, tributaries, archipelagos, and narrow streams teeming with wildlife. You may spot macaws, monkeys, river dolphins, and more.
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$ 1580
Per Person Pricing Options

We include what others call optional

This tour includes:

  • Cruise cabin acommodations
  • All meals aboard the ship, as well as bottled water
  • All transfers to and from Manaus
  • Daily guided excursions
  • English-speaking naturalist guides
  • Highlights:

    • Anavilhanas Archipielago & Jauaperi river
    • Negro River Cruise
    • Novo AirΓ£o Village
    • Lago Janauari Ecological Park
    • Meeting of the Waters

    Tucano Cruise along the Amazon River vista

    Depart Manaus for Rio Negro

    Day 1 - Monday

    This afternoon we embark on the Motor Yacht Tucano in Manaus, Brasil. We depart on the Rio Negro and as the vessel glides upstream we will have our first talk about Amazon environments. By late afternoon we enter one of the world's largest river island systems, the Anavilhanas Archipelago. The boat will weave along a winding channel with rainforest on both sides in a riot of brilliant vegetation. Weather permitting, we will go for a launch excursion in the gnarled and dense flooded forest known as the IgapΓ³. Along the river bank we may see some Squirrel Monkeys and we may hear the other-worldly growls of Howler Monkeys echoing through the primitive rainforest. The Amazon has one of the greatest collection of birds in the world and we are sure to see some of these brightly colored jewels perched in the treetops.

    We return to the M/Y Tucano for hors d'oeuvres on the observation deck and a toast to the rainforest sunset. Following dinner we will embark in our launches in search of nocturnal creatures such as the Caiman, the Amazon's crocodilians. We may also see one of the large night birds such as a Potoo with its bulging eyes and large mouth adapted to swallow the huge Mariposa Moths.

    Tucano Amazon River Cruise Cabin Rooms

    Anavilhanas Archipelago

    Day 2 - Tuesday

    Shortly after sunrise this morning we explore the Anavilhanas Archipelago, a reserve that includes the world's largest system of river islands and also areas of tall dense rainforest. This island system is part of the Central Amazon Conservation Complex, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Here we will see the strange environment called the IgapΓ³, the black water flooded forest where dense forests grow right out of the dark water of the Rio Negro. Mid morning we return to the vessel for a hearty Brasilian breakfast. After some time to relax, weather permitting we will disembark at mid-morning and will go for a walk in the type of rainforest known as the Terra Firme. Here we have a good chance to see the markings, if not the animals themselves, of some of the Amazon's great mammals like peccaries (wild pigs) or even a jaguar. Around mid-day return to the vessel for lunch and a siesta. In the afternoon we will excursion in our launches along the edges of the dense forest and listen to the sunset chorus of birds, howler monkeys, and frogs. Weather permitting, tonight we will have an excursion to spot caiman (the Amazonian crocodiles) and other nocturnal creatures. We very often see arboreal porcupines or sloths scrambling high in the limbs.

    Tucano Amazon River Cruise Excursion

    Xiborena Peninsula

    Day 3 - Wednesday

    This morning we awaken to another remote rainforest area where we will explore in our launches early in the morning, and walk in the forest in mid morning. During the middle of the day the vessel will venture downstream to a small village on the east bank of the Rio Negro. Late this afternoon we will visit this community to learn how traditions help families survive in the remote interior. Later this evening our vessel will weigh anchor and we will voyage downstream through the night to the Xiborena Peninsula that divides the two of the world's most storied rivers: the Rio Negro and the Amazon River.

    Dining Room on the Tucano Amazon River Cruise

    Lago Janauari Ecological Park

    Day 4 - Thursday

    Rising early, we excursion in the Lago Janauari Ecological Park, a dense forest that is flooded with the coffee colored water of the Amazon River. We explore a labyrinth of small channels overhung with gargantuan trees and vines. Listening to the chatter of creatures in the undergrowth we also keep our eyes open for monkeys, Three Toed Sloths, and the occasional Collared Anteater. By mid morning we return to the M/Y Tucano for a hearty breakfast and some time to relax. Later this morning we foray off the vessel again to explore this environment rich in life. Following lunch we navigate to the 'Encontra das Aguas' (Meeting of the Waters), the several mile long joining of two of the world's greatest rivers, the Rio Negro and The Amazon. The dark and light waters run side by side for several miles without mixing. Often Pink River Dolphins and also Grey River Dolphins leap and cavort along this stark line of contrasting currents. We then will turn our bows upstream to cruise on the Amazon River until the late afternoon. On Brasilian maps this river is given the name Rio SolimΓ΅es - but it is the same vast, turbulent, mighty river that we know of as the Amazon. At this point in its course it has truly become the most magnificent river on the planet and carries fully 20% of all the fresh water on Earth.

    Late afternoon we will have another launch excursion in a fascinating environment known as the Varzea where we may angle for piranhas or thrill at brightly colored birds that hunt in these the vast fields of waving grass. At sunset we slowly begin to ascend the Rio Negro, cruising along but not stopping at the Porto de Manaus, one of the world's great ports. More than a thousand miles from the sea, Manaus is the major port for much of the entire Amazon. We will see boats of every imaginable shape and purpose that serve this continent sized forest. Tonight we will sample the national drink of Brasil, the Caipirinha and have a farewell dinner.

    Pink and white Opera House in Manaus

    Return to Manaus

    Day 5 - Friday

    Early this morning travelers will have one last look at the port of Manaus and then disembark the vessel at the riverside dock of the Hotel Tropical.

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    7 Days / 6 Nights

    Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon 6 Nights

    Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon is different from all other cruises offered in the Amazon, it is an “expedition cruise”. Our small groups explore far into the forest where we are able to see creatures that are hidden to other visitors. We explore some of the most untouched rainforest in all of the Amazon. Our expedition cruise is the only vessel that explores far into the world’s largest Amazon reserve: The Central Amazon Conservation Complex. This reserve is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and encompasses tens of thousands of square miles of uninhabited wilderness. Within these trackless forests live still the creatures that have made the Amazon the object of myth and legend. Because of the exploratory nature, the small size of the groups, and especially our skilled guides, our expedition cruises enable travelers to experience the rainforest in the most detailed and authentic way possible.  

    Note: This is a tour extension, combine this cruise with one of our full package tours.

    Download itinerary pdf version

    $ 3795
    Per Person Pricing Options

    We include what others call optional

    This tour includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Guided excursions
  • Meals
  • Highlights:

    • ApuaΓΊ River
    • Turia Lake
    • Buriti Lake
    • Jaueperi River
    • Negro River
    • Novo AirΓ£o village
    • Encontra das Aguas

    Tucano Cruise along the Amazon River vista

    Depart from Manaus and voyage north on the Rio Negro

    Day 1 - Saturday

    This morning all guests board the vessel the Motor Yacht Tucano and depart upstream on the Rio Negro. Through the morning we will cruise through the largest river island system in the world, the Anavilhanas Archipelago. From the observation deck we scan the magnificent tangle of vegetation at the edge of the water. By mid-afternoon the vessel has gone beyond the frontier of settlement and entered a wilderness area. Both shores are covered by dense rainforest. Though we cannot predict what we will see, we have a good chance of observing pink river dolphins and a large collection of exotic birds. Most certainly we will be treated to magnificent forest vistas and the spectacular trees themselves. In the late afternoon we embark in
    the launches and hunt for wildlife. We may also go for a swim in some of the world's most clean and refreshing water.

    Amazon Guided Canoe Ride

    Explore Turia Lake

    Day 2 - Sunday

    Early this morning we explore the rainforest along the waters edge in our launches. We should hear and perhaps see howler monkeys along with a morning serenade of toucans. After breakfast we go for a walk in the forest where we will get a good start on understanding the flora and fauna of the tall rainforest. Around midday we return for lunch and the vessel will get underway, perhaps stopping at a place to swim. In the late afternoon we will again explore the forest in our launches and listen to the sunset chorus of birds and frogs.

    Tucano Amazon River Cruise Excursion

    Buriti Lake

    Day 3 - Monday

    This morning there will be an early exploration of the waking forest. We will keep our eyes open for monkeys... on most trips we see them often. We return for breakfast followed by either a walk in the forest or an excursion in the launches. M/Y Tucano will travel during the middle of the day and we stop in the afternoon for an excursion. Tonight the vessel may travel a bit more as we marvel at the night sky crowded with stars.

    Monkey Amazon Brazil Tour

    Scout the Jaueperi River

    Day 4 - Tuesday

    After our two morning excursions Tucano will navigate along the heavily forested shore, scouting for wildlife. We may stop for a visit at a local home carved out of the forest. In the early afternoon we will be near an extraordinary river called the Rio Jaueperi. We will scout along the shoreline for some of the extraordinary creatures found only in this unique environment. Weather permitting we will do a night excursion to observe nocturnal creatures.

    Canoe ride at the Amazon EcoPark Lodge at night

    A day on the west bank of the Rio Negro

    Day 5 - Wednesday

    Today we depart the Rio Jaueperi and head downstream on the Rio Negro exploring a new collection of rainforest habitats. In the daytime we will continue to scout in our
    launches and walk in the forest, and at night we will continue our hunts for nocturnal wildlife.

    Tucano Amazon River Cruise Meeting of the Waters

    Encontra das Aguas

    Day 6 - Friday

    This morning we explore the Lago Janauari Ecological Park where seasonally the thick brown water of the Amazon flows swiftly through the forest. This area is usually a very good place to observe wildlife. Around midday the vessel will travel to the Encontra das Aguas a stark several mile long line where two of the largest rivers in the world, the Amazon and the Negro, join in a turbulent maelstrom. Here the dark water of the Negro runs beside the opaque brown water of the Amazon. In the afternoon we scout one of the hidden streams in the area to try to see more of the Amazon's beautiful and bizarre creatures. Tonight we will have a farewell dinner and prepare for an early departure in the morning.

    Opera House in Manaus Brazil

    Disembark in Manaus

    Day 7 - Saturday

    In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, all guests disembark from the M/Y Tucano.

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    Green Cabin

    The Amazon Odyssey 4 Nights $ 1580

    Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon 6 Nights $ 3795

    All of the cabins on Tucano are outside cabins with large windows, private baths with showers, and air-conditioning.
    The four cabins in this category have above and below berths with a single size mattress above and a single sized mattress below.
    These cabins are smaller than the Yellow cabins. But they are nonetheless comfortable outside cabins with large windows, private bathrooms, and air-conditioning.

    Yellow Cabin

    The Amazon Odyssey 4 Nights $ 2370

    Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon 6 Nights $ 4240

    All of the cabins on Tucano are outside cabins with large windows, private baths with showers, and air-conditioning.
    The five cabins in this category are large and have beds side by side.
    Some of the Yellow Category cabins can accommodate three travelers. This is helpful for families with children.

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