Patagonia: Skorpios cruises across Chilean fjords

Northern and southern ice fields

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6 Days / 5 Nights

Chonos Route - Northern Ice Field

M/V Skorpios II sails from the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales, a town located 1,000 km south of Santiago, which can be reached by road or air. This 5-day cruise that covers 800 miles, sails every Saturday to return on Thursday between the months of September and May. The cruise covers 800 miles for a magical encounter with the age-old ice formations of the Glaciar San Rafael, sailing through awesome archipelagos, channels and gulfs to tour this incredible territory that includes towns like Castro and the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre, which display the natural wonders of a vigorous landscape and wildlife which is best appreciated at Fiordo Quitralco with its hot springs and excursions to its vast island-peppered sea.

Note: This cruise sets sail on Saturdays and returns on Thursdays. Available from September to April. This cruise is an extension. Please speak with an expert travel consultant about adding a full package (6 nights minimum) Chilean Patagonia tour to this extension.

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$ 2250
Per Person Pricing Options

We include what others call optional

This tour includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation on board
  • All meals on board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Daily land excursions as schedule by the ships
  • All activities inside the ship
  • All transfers
  • Professional guides
  • Highlights:

    • Puerto Montt
    • Llanquihue archipielago
    • Puerto Aguirre village
    • San Rafael lagoon & glacier
    • Chiloe island

    Exterior of Skorpios II Boat Chile Patagonia Cruises

    Embark on Skorpios II - Llanquihue archipelago

    Day 1 - Saturday

    12.00 noon. Weigh anchor from Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Montt.

    Sailing every Saturday from Puerto Montt, a city located 1,000 kilometers south of Santiago, to the San Rafael Glacier, the majestic relic of the planet's last glaciation, Skorpios takes you on a Dream Cruise of six days and five nights. Its goes through spectacular channels and archipelagos, where an exuberant nature stands out in all its splendor and man's presence is barely perceptible, and where softly shaped islands are scattered in the ocean. We will visit isolated and picturesque fishing villages and settlements, such as Puerto Aguirre and Queilen, the city of Castro, Quitralco fjord with its thermal baths and the San Rafael National Park, which was declared world biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1978 with its Glacier of magical and spectacular 30,000 years old ice that rises in multicolored towers to a height of more than seventy meters and then sinks into the ocean.

    Today we sailing through the Llanquihue archipelago. Catch sight of Calbuco city. Ancud Gulf, archipelago of Chiloe and Corcovado Gulf crossing at midnight.

    Puerto Aguirre Patagonia Cruise Ship

    Moraleda & Ferronave Channels - Puerto Aguirre

    Day 2 - Sunday

    Early this morning, navigation through the Moraleda and Ferronave channels.

    Arrival at the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre at 11.00 hrs.

    Afterwards, continue sailing through Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Costa channels.

    At 21.30 hrs. approximately, anchor at Hualas cove or Punta Leopardos, 20 nautical miles from the San Rafael Glacier.

    San Rafael Glacier Patagonia Tour

    San Rafael Lagoon & Glacier

    Day 3 - Monday

    This morning we crossing of the San Rafael Lagoon entrance and Tempanos channel.

    Later, the ship enters the Lagoon and anchors at 2 kilometers away from the Glacier. Boat excursions among multicolored icebergs, if the weather allows to.

    The San Rafael Lagoon is a nature sanctuary that shelters a variety of marine fauna and a large number of plants that live in a harmony that is not upset by the silent passing of the Skorpios, and whose astonishing magic can be seen while sailing in the safe boats towards the 2,000 meters wide Glacier whose 70 meters high peaks towers over the landscape. Then, sailing among the most incredible icebergs, thrilled by their varied forms and many colors, it is inevitable to toast with twelve year old whisky and this astonishing 30,000 year old ice.

    The ship gets closer to the Glacier.

    Undoubtedly, the San Rafael Glacier is a magic sight; here, the ancient history of the planet and present-day man meet as if in a new dimension. In safe boats we will sail between incredible icebergs with unexpected shapes and colors to live the overpowering sensation of the millennia, with this 30,000 year old ice. This afternoon, set sail to the Quitralco fjord.

    Lake and Fjord Quitralco Chile Patagonia Cruise

    Quiltralco - Moraleda - Perez Norte channels

    Day 4 - Tuesday

    Berth at the Quitralco pier.

    Quitralco an old glacier riverbed, which means "Waters of Fire" in the Mapuche language, is a fjord with high, snow-covered mountains and impenetrable vegetation, where the flora surges spontaneously, wild and colorful with ferns, forming a unique and exuberant vegetation in a temperate microclimate beside a calm and transparent sea. Here Skorpios owns a wonderful place where its passengers can rest in its pools, both indoor and outdoor, with thermal waters at 32 and 38 degrees Centigrade, a fine country style grill to gather, widespread parklands and paths that can be followed to appreciate nature. There are also excursions on the fjords quiet, transparent waters in safe motorboats, where you are shown the rich marine fauna, such as the banks of mussels and the playful southern dolphins. There is no doubt that Quitralco is the paradise we have all dreamed of.

    After breakfast, passengers can take hotspring baths. If the weather allows to, boat excursions in motorboats through the inside of the fjord. Later, sail towards Chiloe, navigating through the Moraleda and Perez Norte channels.

    Colorful houses in Chiloe

    Chiloe Island excursion & Captain's Dinner

    Day 5 - Wednesday

    This morning, Corcovado Gulf crossing. In this area, if the conditions allow to, there is a possibility of watching humpback whales and blue whales.

    Continue to sail through the oriental coast of the Chiloe island, Yal channel, Castro stream, arriving to this beautiful city at 15.00 hrs. Disembarkation to visit this place.

    Tonight, set sail towards Puerto Montt through Lemuy, Dalcahue and Quicavi channels. Farewell party, Captain's dinner, dance.

    Lake District in Chile Tour

    Return to Puerto Montt

    Day 6 - Thursday

    Early this mornig, docked at the Skorpios Terminal pier in Puerto Montt. Afterwards, breakfast, disembarkation and passengers' transfer. End of our services.

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    4 Days / 3 Nights

    Kaweskar Route - Southern Ice Field

    M/V Skorpios III sails from the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales, a town located 2,500 km south of Santiago, which can be reached by air from Punta Arenas or by land from Argentina. This 3-night cruise sails for the Southern Ice Fields every Tuesday and Friday (see sailing Schedule) to return every Monday and Thursday between the months of October and April, covering 380 miles, which cover most of the glaciers in the area, namely Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal and Herman, and those located in the area of Fiordo Calvo. The cruise includes around 15 glaciers, some of which we will contemplate and admire directly, walking up to their front and moraines, and sailing through multi-colored ice-floes on smaller expedition vessels like the Capitán Konstantino; from where we will have the chance to observe de varied Patagonian flora and fauna in all its natural glory.

    This cruise sets sail on Tuesdays and returns on Fridays.
    This cruise sets sail on Fridays and returns on Mondays. 
    This cruise is available from September to April. 
    This cruise is a tour extension. Please ask a travel consultant about adding a full package (6 nights minimum) Chile tour to this extension. 

    Download itinerary pdf version

    $ 2015
    Per Person Pricing Options

    We include what others call optional

    This tour includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation on board
  • All meals on board: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Daily land excursions as schedule by the ships
  • All activities inside the ship
  • Professional tour guides
  • Highlights:

    • Puerto Natales
    • Patagonian channels
    • Glaciers & Fjords
    • Optional trip to Torres del Paine

    Skorpios Boat Exterior Chile Patagonia Cruises

    Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales - Skorpios Terminal

    Day 1

    Reception of passengers at Punta Arenas airport. Check-in. During the afternoon, transfer by bus to Puerto Natales, arriving at 18:00 hrs. approximately to the Skorpios Terminal. Embarkation.

    The M/V Skorpios III, sets sail every saturdays evening from Puerto Natales, located 247 km to the north of Punta Arenas, on a five day cruise through the channels and fjords that border the Southern Ice Field, in the Chilean Patagonia, which is considered to be the third largest reserve of fresh water on the planet and crib of the biggest and most spectacular glaciers in the southern hemisphere. There are two options to reach the region of Magallanes: flying to Punta Arenas or comming overland from Argentina. From this city, passengers must be transferred to the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales. The maritime route commences through the Kirke Narrows, moving towards the north through the Morla Vicuna, Union Inlet, Collingwood, Sarmiento, Concepcion and Wide channels, to anchor in a beautiful area known as the Eyre Inlet. Welcome drink and dinner on board.

    Amalia Glaciers in Patagonia Cruise

    Amalia Glacier - Brujo Glacier

    Day 2

    We find the Amalia Glacier, located in the central part of the Southern Ice Field. It is an absolutely emotional spectacle to see its long silhouettes of towering ice, descending from the Andes Mountains, which contrast with the colors of the surrounding environment. The frontal face of this glacier is approximately 1 km and reaches heights of 50 mts, this ice mass is generated from the intense snow blizzards, when the snow freezes it is transformed into ice that has a crystal aspect. This is due to the fact that it loses oxygen under the great pressure of its own weight. Afterward we sale towards El Brujo Glacier and if the weather conditions allows to, disembarkation on a rock to observe the Glacier.

    Later, we enter the Calvo Inlet, where we can view 6 glaciers flowing through waters seeded with ice flows of incredible colors, varying sizes and forms. Here is where we, in specially designed motorboats, participate in an extremely enjoyable excursion and were we traditionally have a toast with whiskey and millennium old ice.

    Excursions in "Capitan Constantino" (icebreaker motorboat). Icebreaker gets close to the Constantino Glacier, only if the weather conditions allow so. Then an excursion to the Alipio and Fernando glaciers. During the afternoon, set sail to the Montanas Fjord.

    Canals in Patagonia Fjords

    Montanas Fjords

    Day 3

    Morning visit to the Montanas Fjord were we will be able to see five little glaciers that hook of from the Sarmiento Mountains to the sea.

    Walking towards the Bernal glacier, were a soft hiking can be done to the base of the Glacier and visit to the Herman Glacier to sail in its bay and admire the beauty of the area and multicolored icebergs (this will depend on the tide). After this, we will visit the Alsina and Paredes Glacier.

    Later, ship sets sail from the Montanas Fjord, cross of the Kirke Narrowness, during the night, the ship casts anchor at Seno Ultima Esperanza. Farewell Dinner and Ball.

    Reach port at the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales.

    Punta Arenas City View in Chile

    Seno Ultima Esperanza - Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas

    Day 4

    Navigating Seno Ultima Esperanza, during early morning.

    Afterward, arrival at Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales.

    Passengers disembark, transfer by bus to Punta Arenas, for those passengers who have hired this service (ask for rates).. End of our Services.

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    Olympo Deck

    Chonos Route - Northern Ice Field $ 2250

    Kaweskar Route - Southern Ice Field $ 2015

    Olympo Master Suite

    Chonos Route - Northern Ice Field $ 2500

    Kaweskar Route - Southern Ice Field $ 2315

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