Hangaroa Eco Village

Easter Island Lodge

Hangaroa Eco Village outdoor pool Moais Statues in full light of day Orongo Rano Kau Volcano Easter Island Statues of Moais
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4 Days / 3 Nights

Hangaroa Eco Village

Hangaroa Eco Village's proposal is to get back to basic and connect with the essential elements of humanity and nature. It offers you the chance to live and discover an ancient culture that developed in the most isolated place on Earth.

Note: This is a tour extension and must be combined with one of our full package (6 nights minimum) tours. Please contact a travel consultant about adding a custom Chile travel package to this extension.

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$ 1670
Per Person

We include what others call optional

This tour includes:

    • Transfer in/out between Mataveri airport (IPC) and Hangaroa Eco Village
    • Welcome drink
    • Full-board: breakfast, lunch or picnic lunch during the full-day tours, and dinner
    • Drinks during the meals: Wine, beer, soft drinks, juice and/or coffee.
    • Daily sunset cocktail
    • A group full-day excursion, two group half-day excursions, or a spa treatment per day*
      *No excursion offered on the departure day


  • Hanga Roa Village
  • Visits to the ahus and moais
  • Introduction to Rapa Nui culture
  • Manavai Facilities & Vaitea Pool

Nau Nau Moais statues

Arrival at Hangaroa Eco Village

Day 1

Meet a Hangaroa representative who will be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to the hotel.
Explore the lodge, visit Manavi SPA, ideal for relaxing and listening to the sounds of the waves, and Vaitea pool, located within a park with beautiful trees and flowers.
Every day, you will have the chance to choose either one full-day tour or two half-day tours to take. If your goal is to relax and connect with yourself and the astonishing environment that surrounds you, you can also opt to take a spa treatment instead of a tour.

Note: From now on, the excursions listed below are just an example to show the variety of activities offered by the lodge and are subject to change without prior notice.


Lookin Towards the stars

Day 2

Today, take a tour to learn about the astronomical knowledge of the ancient Rapa Nuis. Even if the exact time when the inhabitants arrived in the island is uncertain, scientists could divide their history in different eras, one of them being the Moai Era. It that took place when the construction of the world-famous statues, the moais, were carved from the volcanoes and transported to different locations in the island.
During the last period of this era, Rapa Nuis took the stars into account to decide where to place the moais. This tour will help you trace the links between the star and the island and broaden your knowledge about the enchanting history of Easter Island.

Duration: 3.30 hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Easter Island and statues at sunrise

The Twilight of the Moai

Day 2

Rapa Nui is known throughout the world for its moai, but before you could see the images of the reconstructed statues, the island went through one of its worst periods. With an expert guide, follow the road of the twilight of Rapa Nui's megalithic past. Visit the west coast sites to understand how a civilization that was able to reach such an elevated level of cultural development could follow into a deep crisis before rising again.

Duration of tour: 3.5 hours approx
Difficulty: Easy

Easter Island moais statues

Departure from Hangaroa Eco Village

Dat 4

Enjoy your last breakfast on the island and transfer to the airport, to board a 6-hour flight to Santiago, the Chilean capital.
For those eager to stay on the island a bit longer, 5 ,6, and 7-day programs are available.

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