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Chile Weather Info

Chile Weather Info

Chile has one of the most diverse landscapes, with at least seven major climatic subtypes. Chile has a 6,435 km (3,000 mi) coastline on the South Pacific Ocean and shares its eastern border in the Andes Mountains range with Argentina. To the north are the borders of Peru & Bolivia. The climates are split into regions by latitude, with the extreme desert in the north, temperate Mediterranean climes in the center near Santiago, and Patagonia in the south.

The many variations in climate make it difficult to pinpoint the temperature of the entire country. Rather than looking at the country as a whole, it is easy to gauge temperature by looking at specific regions. Depending on when and where you are in the country, highly determines the weather you will experience.

In the north, the dry Atacama rests. Temperatures here can soar, as it is the driest desert in the world, but they can also drop significantly at night. Chile’s central region has a Mediterranean climate, with a rainy season from May to August. Easter Island is unique, home to its own subtropical climate temperatures. To the west, Chile’s extremely long coastline offers travelers diverse and unpredictable weather.

If you’re visiting the cities, pack some lightweight, neutral-colored fabric. Chile is more conservative in dressing, and the warm temperatures call for some breezy outerwear. During the wet season, be sure to pack some waterproof gear, as the rain does come down pretty hard.

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