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Best Time to Visit Colombia

Best Time to Visit Colombia

Choosing when to visit Colombia is easy, it is an excellent travel destination year-round, with weather warm and dry for almost the entire year, especially along the Caribbean coast and cities like Cali and Medellin.

The best time to travel to Colombia is from December to March. The dry season happens during these months, bringing mild temperatures and less than frequent rain showers. Tourists come during this time of the year to enjoy the Colombian holiday season! The Barranquilla Carnaval and Semana Santa (Holy Week) occur during this time, with different festivals in several towns and cities. Attracting visitors wanting to be a part of colorful and lively events that spread over several days. Just note that hotels and tourist attractions will be busier than normal. Make sure to book your reservations well in advance and be prepared to pay a little extra for hotels during this time. One of the most famous festivals in Colombia is the ‘Desfile de Silleteros’, which is Medellín’s largest Flower Festival, usually starting in late July. This 10-day celebration, packed with events, vibrant flower displays, and paisa culture, brings in visitors from around the world

Rather than looking at the seasons of Colombia, look at the region and altitude of where you’re visiting. The weather tends to change based on the region and elevation, rather than the clearly defined seasons. In the highlands, with higher altitude, nights become quite chilly, so make sure to bring a jacket for when the sun goes down! In contrast, the lowlands experience consistent tropical weather year-round. The rainy season can be experienced during the months April to June and October to November, where rain showers are typical to occur.

Overall, the best time to travel to Colombia is during its drier months, December to March are great for cultural events. July and August are the perfect months for a summer vacation in Colombia. While the sun is up, visitors can enjoy hiking in rural regions and exploring the country’s colonial cities. Keep in mind the dates of religious holidays. Semana Santa is a fantastic time to visit Colombia, as the lively celebrations are sure to entertain anyone. If you decide to visit during a religious holiday, plan ahead as hotels book up fast and tend to double their rates the longer you wait!

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