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Authentic Foods & Drinks in Colombia

Colombia Food & Drink

Colombian food is very diverse, and each region of the country has its specialty dishes. Recipes of past time have been handed down from generation to generation, complemented with Spanish, African, and Arab culture.

Tamales, known as "envueltos," are a common breakfast food, often served with homemade hot chocolate (prepared with cinnamon and cloves). Empanadas and pastries are traditional snacks. When it comes time for lunch, try the sancocho de gallina, a thick chicken soup with sides that vary by region. Also make sure to taste unique tropical fruits and fruit juices, such as tamarind, guanabananas, lulos, guayabas, and mangostines. To accompany any meal make sure to have Colombia's national drink, aguardiente, on the table.  

There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in Colombia to dine at. What will really make your experience special is visiting a “fonda.” In Medellín, there are fabulous “fondas,” places that resemble old country houses in the Antioquia region. There, you can find ancient artifacts and historic photos of the coffee culture. Fonda’s are also great places to eat and dance. You must visit one, any time you’re in Colombia!

Colombian coffee is world-famous. If you stay in a finca plantation, you can try fresh coffee, often hand-picked and hand-ground. In addition to receiving that little boost of caffeine every morning, you can also find coffee-flavored wines, cookies, candies, and other cafe bean infused sweets.

Restaurants in Bogotá

  • Abasto: A healthy breakfast and brunch spot serving healthy dishes with Mediterranean and North African ingredients.
  • Andres Carne de Res: If you’re looking for a party, this steakhouse blows everyone away with its lively atmosphere and delicious Latin American dishes.
  • Matiz: Matiz offers gourmet dishes tailored to your taste. 
  • La Puerta Falsa: Opening in 1816, this family-run restaurant serves traditional snacks, becoming a true culinary hot spot.
  • Las Acacias: Specializing in traditional Colombian food from the Antioquia region, this restaurant is authentic and delicious.
  • La Herencia: La Herencia serves gourmet versions of main Colombian dishes.
  • El Mirador: With panoramic views of the city, El Mirador is among the top restaurants serving Colombian classics with international flavors.
  • Gaira Cafe: Owned by Carlos Vives, a famous Colombian singer, this modern cafe is an excellent way to get a quick Colombian snack and listen to live music.

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