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Authentic Foods & Drinks in Ecuador

Ecuador Food & Drink

Come to Ecuador with an appetite! While the country isn’t globally known for their cuisine, there is plenty of delicious food, and exotic fruits to try. Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse and varies according to the region you visit. For example, in the highlands of Ecuador, meat is the focal point. Expect to find dishes of pork, chicken, beef, or cuy (roasted guinea pig) on the menus of the restaurants here.

Some of the signature dishes you might want to look out for include: Seco de chivo (goat or lamb stew with rice), or locro de papa (cheesy potato soup served with avocados). Empanadas and ceviche (seafood dish) are also typical dishes, and can be found almost anywhere.

While visiting the coast, expect seafood, but with an Ecuadorian twist! Coastal cuisine consists of seafood cooked with various spices and coconut milk. At lower elevations of the country, fresh fruit is plentiful. Try from the exotic granadilla, passion fruit, naranjilla, tree tomato, and a wide variety of bananas!

In the Amazon, the locals use hunter-gatherer methods for producing their food. Yucca, or Kasaba, is their dietary staple, a versatile starchy root that is then peeled, boiled, or fried. You can also expect a variety of fruit in this region. You must try the Brazil nut, known as the Para nut, that can only be found in the Amazon.

For drinks, try jugo natural such as mora con guanabana or canelazo (cinnamon mixed with bitter orange, served warm with a shot of aguardiente).

If you only have a few days in Quito, or need some ideas on where to go during your free time, we recommend the following restaurants in Quito:

  • Zazu: As one of Quito’s top restaurants with an amazing food and wines, Zazu serves contemporary Latin dishes using fresh and local ingredients.
  • La Choza: If you’re looking for traditional Ecuadorian cuisine, La Choza is the place to go since it is known as one of the best places to eat Ecuadorian
  • Casa Gangotena: An elegant restaurant serving traditional Ecuadorian specialties and flavors. 
  • Fried Bananas: This restaurant serves traditional Ecuadorian dishes from ceviche to the local staple dish, fried bananas!
  • Lua: Specializing in Peruvian fusion cuisine, Lua is one of the most renowned restaurants in Ecuador whose dishes express Chef Alexander Lau’s Italian-Chinese heritage.


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