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Internet, Telephones & Electricity in Ecuador

Internet, Telephones & Electricity

Internet & Phones

Trundle along the Avenue of the Volcanoes on a luxury train, explore the Amazon Basin or snorkel with sea lions on the wildlife rich Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is a great place to unwind and disconnect. That said, for those who have to stay connected, here are our tips:

Most hotels in Ecuador provide internet access (sometimes at a cost) and international telephones - although for calling home, you will likely receive better rates using an internet-based phone service such as Skype or WhatsApp. Do not expect good WiFi access in all locations, especially in remote lodges and on cruises. Galapagos cruises often charge for internet use.

For heavy internet users, a service such as Skyroam, a wireless hotspot device, may be your best option for connecting to the internet in Ecuador. GlocalMe is another good hotspot option. If you plan on bringing your smartphone to Ecuador, make sure to remember to leave it on airplane mode to avoid any roaming charges. Just enable WiFi to access the Internet. 

We don’t recommend buying a cell phone or sim card in Ecuador. There are often long waits, non-English speaking employees and local ID may be required. In addition, if you are traveling to multiple countries within South America, you will most likely need to buy a sim card for each. The easiest option for travel to Ecuador is to get a plan with your carrier in your home country that allows you to make emergency calls and/ or receive texts. If you do choose to buy a sim card in Ecuador, ask your guide where they recommend finding one and make sure your telephone is unlocked. Before traveling, consider checking about international call options and prices with your network provider.

Electrical adaptors

When traveling to Ecuador, we recommend taking an electrical adapter on your trip. Some hotels in Ecuador provide adapters, but you should not rely on this. Before using adapters make sure to check the voltage of your electronic device to ensure that you have a charger equipped to handle a higher voltage. If not, you will need to use a voltage converter.

In the Amazon, lodges may not always have 24 hour electricity and it can be a good idea to bring portable chargers for cameras and phones and a digital watch for an alarm. Flashlights can also be a good idea at night. 

Ecuador uses plug types A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and frequency 60 Hz. 

This means:

  • When traveling from the USA or Canada to Ecuador, you don’t need an adaptor.
  • When traveling from Australia or New Zealand to Ecuador, you will need an electrical adaptor and may need a voltage convertor.
  • When traveling from the UK, Ireland, Malaysia or Singapore to Ecuador, you will need an electrical adaptor and may need a voltage convertor.
  • When traveling from South Africa to Ecuador, you will need an electrical adaptor and may need a voltage convertor.

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I have to recommend to anyone!

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