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Best Time to Travel to Paraguay

Best Time to Travel to Paraguay

Paraguay is most visited during its summer season from October to March. During this time of the year, Paraguay is warm and receives the most rainfall.

Paraguay can be visited year round. However, if you don’t enjoy humidity, we suggest avoiding the months October to March, when there are extremely high levels of humidity and blazing hot temperatures. This combination can make exploring outside a little uncomfortable, although afternoon showers provide some relief. North of Asuncion, heading into the Chaco, the heat is drier but again, expect high temperatures year round.

Paraguay's peak tourist season is from April to September. During this period, there are plenty of festivals and comfortable weather.

If you’re looking for cooler temperatures during your vacation to Paraguay, plan on visiting from May till August, also known as the winter season. The temperatures may drop pretty low, but so does the chance of rainfall. Tourists spend a lot of time shopping and sightseeing with the rain out of their way. We recommend packing some warm, light jackets for this period of the year.

Though temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, rainfall is evenly distributed. With rainfall year round, bring a raincoat and rainboots with you.

There are a number of festivals in Paraguay. For those wishing to partake in the celebrations, visit during February, March, or June. In February, there is the festival of San Blas Fiestas, where there are various performances of polka dance. The carnival of Nigren de la Candelaria also occurs in February and is popular amongst tourists.

In March, the festival of Semanta Santa is observed. And in June, the Festival de San Juan takes place and includes rituals such as walking on hot coals, fire walking, and more.

Festivals in Paraguay are noteworthy and make for fantastic times to travel. During the Christmas, New Year's, and Carnival months in late December-early February, tourist destinations can be quite busy.

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