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Paraguay Food & Drink

Paraguay Food & Drink

Vibrant cuisine can be found in plenty of South American countries, including Paraguay. Paraguayans have a strong taste for typical South American food such as empanadas, as well as dishes with a strong Brazilian influence. Read below for a taste of the traditional Paraguayan dishes you need to try!

Let’s begin! Chipá is first on the list. Essentially, chipá is a bread roll made from mandioca (cassava), and filled with eggs and cheese. While exploring Paraguay, you can find many different variations of chipa, some made with cornflour and some served with asado (barbecued meats), at local street markets.

Next on our Paraguay Food & Drink list is Borí Bori! If you’re a feeling a bit under the weather or are looking for something to soothe your soul, Borí Borí is the answer. Borí Borí is similar to a warm, chicken soup. Ingredients in Borí Borí consist of bacon fat, tomato, carrots, celery, queso, and plenty of parsley. Yum!

While on the topic of soup, let’s talk about Pira caldo. Pira caldo is a hearty fish soup that is often served with mandioca. The soup is filled with vegetables fried in beef or pork fat, onion, tomato, bell pepper and other spices to enhance the flavor tremendously!

No matter which Paraguayan dish you choose to indulge in, finish it off with tereré, Paraguay’s national drink. Tereré is a bitter, herbal tea, also known as yerba mate tea and is common in Uruguay and Argentina.

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