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Best Time to Travel to Patagonia

Patagonia is arguably one of the most impressive highlights of South America and if you are a lover of nature and breathtaking scenery then it should definitely be on your hit list when planning your adventure to the continent!

The Patagonian regions of Chile and Argentina are vast and impressive, counting for almost a half of Chile and a third of Argentina in size. On the Chilean side Patagonia ‘starts’ from Puerto Montt including the Lake District region of Puerto Varas and hop across the border to Argentina it would start from their Lake District region of Bariloche and anything south of there! Patagonia is known for its unpredictable weather, so this should be taken into account when planning a trip there.

Summer in Patagonia (high season)
Generally speaking the high season is in Chile and Argentina’s Summer months from November – February, with December and January being the busiest time. These months have the highest average temperatures and would be the best time to consider if you are thinking about hiking, trekking and camping. However a word of warning - although they have the mildest temperatures it is also within this time that Patagonia has its strongest winds so please keep in mind and pack accordingly.

Winter in Patagonia (low season)
The low season in this stunning region would be the months of June through to August and although the temperatures would have definitely dropped (so you may need to add an extra layer or two), it is still a time worth considering. With clearer skies and milder winds, as well as fewer tourists travelling this may be the ideal time to get exploring and being at one with nature. That being said as some areas in Patagonia are very remote it is worth checking with us which activities are still operating and which hotels and lodges will still be open in this quiet season.

Spring and Autumn in Patagonia (shoulder season)
September – October and March – May would be considered the shoulder seasons and these also have their benefits. The Spring time months of September and October in Patagonia not only will have fewer crowds when you are out and about, but it will also welcome you with colorful blooms. This would be similar to their Autumn months (March – May) where fewer people will be visiting and here you will get the take in the incredible scenery with beautiful autumnal tones of orange and reds. For this reason the shoulder season is often a hit with photographers seeking out that perfect shot. To summarise these seasons are a great all-rounders with fair weather, less people and amazing colours – it is also great to combine with other countries like Peru and trying to get decent weather in both!

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