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Patagonia Flight Info

Patagonia Flight Info

Patagonia may seem like a faraway land, hard to reach, but it has several main cities that you can fly into from international airports! Choose from Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Calafate, or Ushuaia. If you are flying into Santiago, you can arrive in Puerto Montt or Punta Arenas. Punta Arenas is the perfect gateway town to Chilean Patagonia, and many major airlines such as LAN, fly into here.

For guests traveling from the United States or Canada, you can book flights with LAN Alliance airlines (which includes Lan Airlines, Lan Peru, Lan Argentina, and Lan Chile). Booking with LAN Alliance is easy due to their simple website, and multilingual options.  Flights to Santiago travel directly from Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Once you’ve reached Santiago, you can transfer to a flight that will take you to Punta Arenas. For Canadian citizens, expect a longer journey. Flights from Canada take between 15-20 hours. The duration of these flights may seem daunting to you, but the advantage is that there is virtually no time difference when you travel from Canada. You won’t have to worry about recovering from jetlag!

For guests traveling from the United Kingdom, Patagonia isn’t as big of a trek as you may believe it to be. Take a flight from Spain, Brazil, or even New York, and it will usually take over a day to reach the heart of Patagonia. The time difference is only about 4 hours, leaving little room for jet lag. TAM Airlines, America Airlines, Delta, and LAN Airlines all travel from this part of the world.

Travelers coming from New Zealand or Australia can board direct flights to Santiago. From Santiago, you can then transfer to a short connecting flight to your destination, Patagonia. Take note, that if you are coming from the Pacific, you will cross the international dateline on your way over and on your way back.

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