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Patagonia Weather Info

Patagonia Weather Info

There are distinct seasons in Patagonia, each offering its own beauty.  

November to March are the summer months, giving the best weather for travelers. Equally as pleasant is the springtime in the southern hemisphere, from October through November. These months offer mild temperatures and tourists take advantage of visiting the natural attractions in their full splendor. Since this is the most popular time for travelers, try to plan your trip to Patagonia in advance if you are thinking about visiting during the summer or spring season.

The shoulder months of Patagonia’s weather are from September to October and April to May. Though it might not be as warm as the summer months, it is still a fantastic time to visit. During this period, it is still preferable to travel to the northernmost part of Patagonia, the beautiful lake region.

Although the winter is cold in Patagonia, from May to September, it offers the best conditions for snowsports. With the glistening, snow-covered Andes, Argentine Patagonia’s winter season calls for all skiers and snowboarders! Skiing and snowboarding near Santiago and Mendoza are very popular. The least amount of travel happens during this time due to the cold weather. Patagonia is not as popular during this time of the year, so make sure that various tourist attractions are open before committing to travel.

Take note that even in the summer and spring seasons, Patagonia experiences heavy winds, especially if you find yourself in Southern Patagonia. Pack extra layers and wind resistant gear, so that the breezy chill factor doesn’t affect your hiking and other outdoor activities.

When you’re booking your trip to Patagonia, remember that January and February draw the largest crowds, so book early! Consider planning ahead if you wish to travel during October, March, or April. These months boast sunshine and mild temperatures, perfect for sightseeing.


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Just wanted to say thank you for organising our trip so well.
Just wanted to say thank you for organising our trip so well.

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