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Argentina visas are not required for travel to Argentina for North Americans staying less than three months. However, a Reciprocity Tax is charged to Australians, Canadians, and US citizens upon arrival in Argentina. This tax is proportional to the tax charged to Argentines visiting those countries. Proof of payment of the tax must be shown at Argentina's airports and any point of entry into the country. Payment must be made in advance online. Failure to pay the fee before you arrive at the border will result in a denial of entry.

To pay the Argentina reciprocity fee in advance, complete the following steps:

1) Go to

2) Complete the required information and pay the reciprocity fee (per person) with a credit card

3) Print the receipt and keep it with your passport to show immigration authorities upon entry

As of December 2012, the Argentina Reciprocity Tax will be charged according to the following rates:

Nationality Tax Validity
Australians USD $100.00 1 Year
Canadians USD $92.00 Until 1 month prior to Passport expiration
US Citizens USD $160.00 10 Years


Please note: Visa and health information stated here is only a guideline. Only the information given by the consulate of the country you are planning to visit is up-to-date, official and correct.

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