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How to get a visa for Bolivia


Bolivia visas are required for travel to Bolivia for U.S. citizens. Payment can be made upon arrival at any point of entry to Bolivia, or from your nearest Bolivian consulate. The cost for a Bolivia visa, whether made in advance or upon arrival, is USD $135.00.

A Bolivia visa is valid for five years after the date of issue, and will permit entrance to Bolivia three times per year, for a total of 90 days per year. The Bolivian immigration authorities can permit extensions only in special cases.

To apply by mail for a Bolivia visa, requests must be sent to the Bolivia consulate office nearest you, with all required documents and a self-addressed, stamped envelope enclosed.

Any traveler older than 1 year must also have an International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, translated into Spanish.

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Please note: Visa and health information stated here is only a guideline. Only the information given by the consulate of the country you are planning to visit is up-to-date, official and correct.

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