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Archbishops Palace in Lima Peru & Travel

Lima City Tours

Surfers and paragliders flock to where the Costa Verde brushes up agains the Pacific Ocean in Lima, Peru. Diners enjoy Peruvian cuisine and strong cocktails while relaxing in Larcomar, the posh shopping center in the Miraflores District. Lovers hold hands at the Parke del Amor to watch the sunset.

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Recife and Olinda in Brazil & Travel

Olinda Brazil Tours

Olinda lies within the state of Pernambuco, which is five miles outside of Recife It's 17th and 18th-century era buildings, cobblestone streets, belvederes, artists studios, and colonial charm have earned it UNESCO World Heritage status.

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Brasilia Hotel & Travel

Brasilia City Tours

The capital of Brazil, Brasilia is well-known for its impressive architecture. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brasilia was designed by the forward-thinking Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and the city planner LΓΊcio Costa in 1960. Their detailed city planning and balanced design for the federal seat of government continue to impress architects and city planners today.

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Brazilian Coast & Travel

Fernando de Noronha Tours

This island chain off the coast of Brazil is home to over 400 different species. The islands seem to grow and shrink with the rise and fall of the Atlantic tide and at times only the very tops of the rocas can be seen jutting out of the idyllic aquamarine waters.

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Cathedral in Chiloe & Travel

Chiloe Island Tours

These churches, exceptionally beautiful and traditionally built from local hardwood, colorfully painted and reminiscent of Europe's basilicas, are each individual works of art and reflect the historical timeline of the area; they simply cannot be missed.

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Iguassu Falls on a blue sunny day & Travel

Iguazu Falls Tours

Walk through the rainbow-tinted spray on Brazil's side of the falls on Iguazu Falls vacations, and on the Argentinian side ride the train to the upper falls and peer down the Devil's Throat on an Iguassu Falls Tour.

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Jaguar in the Pantanal & Travel

Pantanal Tours

Stay in a Pantanal lodge, go snorkeling in Nobres, explore the wetlands on a horseback ride & more. You're sure to see plenty of unique & diverse wildlife!

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We Enjoyed Our Trip Since Day One!
We Enjoyed Our Trip Since Day One!

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