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Fernando de Noronha and Rocas Atoll

This island chain off the coast of Brazil is home to over 400 different species. The islands seem to grow and shrink with the rise and fall of the Atlantic tide and at times only the very tops of the rocas can be seen jutting out of the idyllic aquamarine waters. The Atoll reef that co-mingles with the 21 islands is a major breeding ground for shark, tuna, turtles and a plethora of other marine animals. There is even a resident group of dolphins that have made this aquatic paradise their home.

Come explore these rare Brazilian Atlantic islands marine habitat. Its not to be missed!

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Fernando de Noronha tours available include snorkeling in tidal pools, boat rides, kayaking, water sports, and walks through the tropical forests. The waters are crystal clear for about 50 meters off-shore. There are three beaches, Sancho, Porcos, and LeΓ£o, that are among the best beaches in Brazil. You can rent a buggy to drive around the main island. Make sure to watch the sunset, look for dolphins in Dolphins Bay, spot sea turtles on BaΓ­a do Sueste, and enjoy relaxing on BaΓ­a dos Porcos. ... Show More

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