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Spot Whales & Penguins in PenΓ­nsula ValdΓ©s

For wildlife lovers, Valdes Peninsula is paradise on earth. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vales Peninsula is home to whales, sea lions, penguins, and many marine birds. Visit the Punta Tombo penguin rookery to see Magellanic penguins. Spend the night in an Estancia such as Estancia Rincon Chico or Estancia La Elvira. From there many activities are available such as horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and bird-watching to see more about this wonderful region. A little-known fact about the Valdes Peninsula is that its a great area for scuba diving, due to the large amount of shipwrecks in the bay that have led to a flourishing of marine life. Valdes Peninsula tours often include trips to Puerto Madryn, the Welsh community of Trelew, and Buenos Aires.

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Once you've explored the Valdes Peninsula, Puerto Madryn, and Trelew you might want to venture further into Argentina's Patagonia region. We recommend a ride aboard the Patagonia Express train, which will take you deep into the central region of Argentine Patagonia. Or you could simply fly from Buenos Aires to Trelew and then return to the capital, all in under a week. You can see below some of our tours that include Valdes Peninsula tours. ... Show More

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Too bad you don't offer travel arrangements in other parts of the world.
Too bad you don't offer travel arrangements in other parts of the world.

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