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Best Time to Travel to Uruguay

Best Time to Travel to Uruguay

With a temperate climate and no extreme weather conditions, Uruguay is the perfect travel destination all year round.

The best times to travel to Uruguay are during the spring and early summer months, from September to December, when the weather is warm, and there is a slightly lower chance of precipitation. The autumn months are also pleasant from late April to early June. If you're planning on visiting Uruguay during the holiday season and Carnival months, in late December to early February, plan your trip early. This is a busy time for international travelers as well as South Americans.

If you choose to travel to Uruguay during the summer season, take note that a lot of the businesses close or have limited schedules as the locals tend to break for the holiday. In February, street theater and drumming take over Montevideo during Carnival celebrations. In March, the Tacuarembó’s gaucho festival occurs, and there are lower prices on the sunny Atlantic coast. In October, visit Salto’s hot springs, or channel Carlos Gardel at Montevideo’s tango festival.

Remember those countries resting in the southern hemisphere, such as Uruguay, experience summer in the months of December to March. For those wishing to experience Uruguay's beautiful beaches, this is the best time of the year to visit. Even in the summer months, the weather does not reach extremes, remaining warm with only a few periods of high heat and humidity.

If you're not too afraid of the cold, winter is a fantastic time to visit the countryside of Uruguay. The landscape is especially stunning during this time of the year. Though it might be a little chilly, this is still a very good time to partake in various activities such as hiking, boating, horseback riding, and sightseeing.

Rainfall is almost equally distributed throughout the year.

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