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Uruguay Flight Info

Uruguay Flight Info

There are a couple of different ways you can travel to Uruguay. If you are already in Buenos Aires, you can take a direct ferry to Colonia or Montevideo. The ferry to Colonia, Uruguay has a duration of about an hour, and the ferry to Montevideo is a little longer of about two and a half hours. If the water route isn’t for you, you can also take a bus ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia or Montevideo in just over two hours. The faster ferries are equipped with free Wi-Fi Internet. During peak travel times, such as weekends and during the Christmas, New Year's, and Carnival holidays, make sure to book your ferry ride well in advance.

If you are coming from a location outside of South America, particularly Argentina, you can choose from various flights. Uruguay has several main cities that you can fly into from international airports. Montevideo is Uruguay's largest city and its capital. Fly into Carrasco International Airport (MVD). If you fly out of MVD, note that there is an airport departure fee of approximately US $31 USD. If you are flying into Montevideo’s brand new, Carrasco International Airport, only two airlines outside of Latin America will transport you there. American Airlines flies direct from Miami and Iberia. American Airlines also provides a non-stop connection between Madrid and Montevideo, with PLUNA, the national airline. Travellers from North America also have the option to travel from Panama to Montevideo on Copa Airlines..Make sure to book ahead as demand is particularly heavy during the holiday season.

There are plenty of European airlines that fly to Montevideo. Besides European airlines, you can also choose from TAM or GOL (Brazilian airlines), or Air France that will take you to Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires. If you fly into Ezeiza International Airport, you can transfer to a domestic flight to Uruguay at the Aeroparque Airport.

Remember that airfares fluctuate all the time. Depending on when and where you’re flying will determine the rate that you receive. It’s not as popular to fly into Montevideo, but there aren’t as many direct flights. Whereas, it is quite popular to fly into Buenos Aires and then take another mode of transportation to Uruguay. Your travel preferences will determine your mode of entry into Uruguay.

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