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Uruguay Food & Drink

Uruguay Food & Drink

Uruguay food and Uruguayan cuisine have a lot of European influence, mostly from Italy and Spain. In the afternoon, it is common custom in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina to have a merienda, a mini-breakfast. In Uruguay, there are many fantastic bakeries, making this ritual an easy one to follow. Stop by one of the local bakeries and eat a pastry accompanied by cafe con leche or mate.

It is traditional for Uruguayans to have an afternoon tea, called yerba mate. This tea is also popular in Argentina, and other South American countries. You can see locals walking around towns and cities carrying a thermos full of this special drink. For cuisine, typical Latin and Italian foods can be found. It is common to have pizza or pasta, empanadas or asado steaks, or a variety of seafood. Drink Uruguay’s most notable wine, Tannat wine, with any of these savory dishes.

Other dishes that are popular amongst native Uruguayans are asado de tira (short ribs and other barbecued meats), chivito (a traditional Uruguayan sandwich with sliced steak, ham, egg, and cheese), and pastel de carne (a version of the shepherds pie). If you're looking for an extremely Uruguayan cuisine experience, you can't go wrong with plain, old, asado. Asado, barbecued meat, is extremely popular in Uruguay, and will most definitely top any BBQ you've had elsewhere.

Popular restaurants:

  • Primuseum: Known as one of the best dinner experiences in Montevideo, Primuseum has amazing live music, entertainment, and food to give you a unique experience in Uruguay.
  • Foc: This Catalan restaurant is owned by Martín Lavecchia, owner of one of the top restaurants in Spain, to serve you his creations for an unforgettable fine-dining experience.
  • Arcadia: This is a great restaurant to go to if you are looking for a meal with the view.
  • Mercado del Puerto: This former train station now holds numerous of restaurants serving traditional cuisine

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