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Uruguay Weather Info

Uruguay Weather Info

The general climate in Uruguay is subtropical. The country enjoys a long coastline, as it is located on the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio de la Plata, tucked between southern Brazil and eastern Argentina. The country experiences a relatively stable climate nationwide, due to its location within the temperate zone. There are seasons in Uruguay, but any harsh or extreme temperatures are not found here. Uruguay has an abundance of water, creating high humidity and fog. The landscape is almost entirely devoid of mountains, leaving the country subjected to strong winds and fast-changing weather.

Seasons are distinct in Uruguay. Most of the springtime is damp, cool, and windy, whereas the summers are warm, autumns are mild, and winters are quite cold and damp. However, there is one exception, Northwestern Uruguay. Northwestern Uruguay is the farthest from the large bodies of water, leaving its summers to heat up more and winters to experience dry weather instead of damp.

The summer season is from November to February and ranges from 24-30 degrees Celsius, which can be considered comfortably hot, whereas the coast experiences milder temperatures. During the winter, from the months June to August, temperatures start to cool, ranging from 3-5 degrees Celsius. There is a significant difference in weather between the summer and winter seasons, but it is nothing too extreme. There is never ice or snow. However, there is quite a bit of rainfall.

Rainfall throughout the country is evenly distributed throughout the year, with the most rainfall in the southeastern region. It is common for temperate climates such as Uruguay to experience thunderstorms in the summertime.

Uruguay's climate is perfect for a wide array of crops, making locally-grown food available to many. People from around the world enjoy visiting Uruguay for its climate. The best time to travel to Uruguay is between the months December through February. You can find out more about when to visit Uruguay, in our Best Times to Travel tab.

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