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Best Time to Travel to Venezuela

Best Time to Travel to Venezuela

Venezuela is a great country to visit any time of the year as the climate remains pleasant year round. With only slight temperature variations, you’re sure to have a wonderful trip no matter the time you choose.

There are four distinctive regions in Venezuela, the highlands, the lowlands, the central plain, and the Guyana region which includes some of the Amazon rainforest. The coastal regions of the Caribbean feel refreshing and the lowlands also experience a tropical climate. The entire country, with its four regions, sits just north of the equator giving its residents tropical weather year-round. Slight variations in weather come from its seasons and ranging altitudes.

The main factor in the change of temperature of the country is the difference in altitude. In the mountainous Andean regions, temperatures are slightly cooler as opposed to the central plain region.

While warm temperatures remain consistent, it is most optimal to visit Venezuela during the dry season, from November to April. During this period, there is the least amount of rainfall and warm, sunny weather. November is the first month of the dry season and offers travelers the best weather for hiking, trekking, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities. July and August are Venezuela’s hottest months.

From May to December, Venezuela experiences their rainy season. Mornings are full of sunshine and afternoons experience increased downpours. This is the best time to visit Angel Falls, as water levels are at their highest. October is a fantastic time to see Los Llanos. The high water levels make for fabulous wildlife spotting.

December is the most popular time to visit Venezuela. Plan and book ahead if you want to visit during this time. In second place, in late February or early March, Carnival begins and makes traveling to Venezuela a very busy time. Make sure to plan ahead if you want to visit during this period as well.

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