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Venezuela Flight Info

Venezuela Flight Info

LAN Airplane in Chile

Venezuela is a fantastic getaway destination for North American travelers, as it has one of the fastest journey times. However, some air-traffic disputes between the United States and the government have resulted in a decrease of flights.

The main international airport in Venezuela is Simon Bolivar International Airport located in Vargas. Nearly all international visitors arrive here. It is about a 30-minute drive from Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. International flights to Maracaibo are also available, but they choices are very limited. There are flights to Caracas, from the United States, routed through Panama City.

You can travel non-stop to Venezuela from the United States and some major European cities. Airlines that link to Caracas are United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines. If you are traveling from Europe, there are non-stop flights from Paris, Istanbul, Madrid Barajas, and Lisbon.

Airport taxes are common in Venezuela. For international departures (at Maiquetia Airport), prepare for an airport tax of BSF. 570. These fees will usually appear included with airfare.

For land transportation, Venezuela has road links with Colombia and Brazil. Although, crossing from Brazil to Venezuela is a long route and border controls remain tight, and all visitors arriving from Boa Vista are expected to have visas. Since time is valuable, you may consider flying over land transportation.

Beware of political and governmental changes in policy that may affect your travel plans. Also, make sure your baggage does not exceed the airplane limit, as many international carriers charge for extra luggage. Airfare for flights fluctuates depending on when and where you travel. Keep checking online for updated information.

Flight delays and cancellations can occur, so you may want to schedule your trip with some buffer days. You can also purchase travel insurance that would cover trip cancellation for any reason and/or trip delays.

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