6 Best Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires
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6 Best Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

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May 4, 2015


By Aleli Gapero

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6 Best Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

If you are looking for an authentic local Argentine experience, consider visiting some of the most exclusive closed-door restaurants and speakeasy bars in Buenos Aires.  Read about the 6 Best Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires from our Buenos Aires insider Aleli Gapero.

Buenos Aires is the sophisticated capital of Argentina and a gateway for its spectacular natural wonders. Known for its excellent beef and Malbec, its European façade, and its Latin heartbeat, this unique city hides some of its most charming locations in plain sight. Fashionable Porteños disappear into mysterious alleys behind small shops or unmarked doorways, leaving tourists wondering if there’s something eluding them.  Below are some of the best Closed Door Restaurants and Speakeasy Bars in Buenos Aires with delicious food, tasty drinks, and a distinctly in-the-know atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

1. Casa Felix- Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

A staple in the closed-door circuit, dinner at Casa Felix is literally dining at the Chef Diego Felix’s house. The intimate setting, organic and locally grown foods, and five-course tasting menu are a treat for locals and travelers alike. The vegetarian and pescatarian menu is also a fantastic option for diners looking for a little variety from the steak-heavy menus in Buenos Aires. Reservations for the 12 seats in the Chef’s home go fast, so plan well in advance if you’d like to make this a part of your Argentina Travel Experience


Reservation via reservascasafelix@colectivofelix.com

2. Paladar Closed-door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

The contemporary Argentine cuisine is also served at Chef Pablo Abramovsky’s home. This experience is almost like getting a fast-pass into Porteño society. Exceptional food eaten in the living room, paired with wines poured by the Chef’s sommelier wife.  The ever-changing menu creates a feeling of charm and “Buena Onda” that’s hard to replicate in a standard restaurant. Closed-Door-Restaurants-&-Bars-in-Buenos-Aires

3. I Latina Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

The Macias siblings provide an intriguing tasting menu of culinary delights found in Latin America and served in a beautiful chic venue at a much talked about closed-door restaurant. The restaurant has recently moved to a beautiful house in the residential area next to one of Buenos Aires most famous neighborhoods, Palermo. The food is a sophisticated blend of familiar flavors and the crowd is a mix of locals, expats, and visitors. Expect to be captivated. Closed-Door-Restaurants-&-Bars-in-Buenos-Aires

4. Floreria Atlantico Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

A late night flower shop or something more? One of the best bars in the city is found behind a secret door of a little flower shop right in the heart of Recoleta. They also just won Best Bar in Latin America and the Caribbean during the World’s 50 Best Bars Election. If you are looking for some delicious drinks, tasty food, and great people watching, this is the place. Closed-Door-Restaurants-&-Bars-in-Buenos-AiresClosed-Door-Restaurants-&-Bars-in-Buenos-Aires

5. The Harrison Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires

If you’re one of the unsuspecting diners eating at the front sushi restaurant watching beautifully dressed Porteños disappear into the wine cellar, you’ve found The Harrison. Exclusive, trendy, and the home of some delicious cocktails, this is one of the harder speakeasy’s to enter in Buenos Aires. You’ll need to go with a card-carrying member to get in, or eat there and ask to see the wine cellar after the meal.

Closed-Door-Restaurants-&-Bars-in-Buenos-Aires Video

6. Coffee Town Best Hidden Café in Buenos AiresClosed-Door-Restaurants-&-Bars-in-Buenos-Aires

Although not a restaurant or bar, Coffee Town is still a noteworthy gem of Buenos Aires.  Coffee Town is hidden right in the middle of the indoor antique market in San Telmo. Blink, and you might miss it.  Buried between antique stalls, vintage clothing, and knickknacks from another era. The delicious coffee and nostalgic atmosphere provide a perfect oasis during a busy day of exploring.

Do you want to visit the local Closed-Door Restaurants & Bars in Buenos Aires?  

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