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The Best Hikes in Patagonia |
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Adventure Tours

The Best Hikes in Patagonia |

7 min read

Feb 9, 2018


By Gabe Scalise

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The Best Hikes in Patagonia

Come with us as we explore the Best Hikes in Patagonia. Patagonia is an adventure travelers paradise. Covering huge amounts of land area in both Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and rugged terrain anywhere in the world. From trekking to horseback riding, fly-fishing to remote backpacking, Patagonia truly has it all when it comes to must-see places. In this article, we will explore all The Best Hikes in Patagonia, which you can combine into adventurous Patagonia Tours! Whether you are hiking the O Circuit in Torres del Paine, trekking in Los Glaciares National Park, looking for an El Chaltén hiking map, doing the Laguna Torres hike, or trekking hut to hut in Bariloche, this list has you covered.

So, come along with us as we explore The Best Hikes in Patagonia!

Here we go! First up…

#10: Laguna de Los Tres Hike

Laguna de Los Tres is a must-see place in Patagonia. Laguna de Los Tres is an absolutely breathtaking hike to a deep blue lake hike up in the mountains. This hike is one of The Best Hikes in Patagonia because along with it, you hike past Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre Peak, as well as Aguja Poincenot. The hike is located in Los Glaciares National Park and it can be completed in either one long day of walking or split into 2 days. Our recommendation is to take 2 days to complete it and witness one of the most amazing sunrises you will surely ever see! Don’t miss this Best Hike in Patagonia! This hike is started from El Chalten and it just so happens we wrote a Travel Guide to El Chalten! Have a look.

#9: The Huemul Circuit

Regarded as one of the most difficult treks in all of Patagonia, the Huemul Circuit is a very tough four-day journey through a remote area of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Starting again in El Chalten, you spend 4 strenuous days rappelling on ropes, walking through storybook meadows, and catching views that only Patagonia can deliver. This hike is no joke and we recommend a Patagonia trekking guide to accompany you on your journey. It is the best way to enjoy yourself and stay safe on the most difficult hike on our list of the Best Hikes in Patagonia.

#8: Laguna Capri Trek

One of the best day-hikes in Patagonia, the Laguna Capri Trek, located in Los Glaciares National Park, is an easy 2-hour journey up to a picturesque lake overlooking Mount Fitz Roy. This hike provides one of the best views in all of Patagonia, in our opinion, and is doable by nearly every fitness level. So no matter your travel style, if you are in Patagonia and looking for a hike with a lot of rewards and minimal effort, this is the hike you are looking for.

#7: Paso del Vientos

Paso del Vientos, also know as Windy Pass, is a remote pass in Patagonia. The trek or hike to the pass takes 3 days and 2 nights to complete and will involve remote camping, route-finding, and surely some of the most amazing and remote views you have ever seen in your life. Begin and end this trek in El Chalten and consider it if you are looking for a trek a bit more off the beaten path.

#6: The O Circuit

Next up on our list of the Best Hikes in Patagonia is an absolute classic, The O Circuit. Also known as The Circuit Patagonia, this hike is an 8-day journey through Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Considered by many to be the more remote, more rugged version of the W Trek, this trek is somewat limited in epic views but more then makes up for it in authenticity and remoteness. This trek will involve tons of camping and rugged backpacking and if you are an adventure traveler at heart, this is just the trek for you.

But wait!

There are still 5 more ABSOLUTELY STUNNING hikes left on our list of The Best Hikes in Patagonia

#5: The Laguna Torres Trek

The Laguna Torres Trek is a Patagonia classic hike and a must see place in Patagonia. It features some of the best views in all of Patagonia and is easily completed in a full-day by someone with moderate to intermediate fitness levels. It will take you about 4 hours to reach the lake way amongst the rugged peaks of Patagonia. Including time spent at the top and the hike back, the total trek takes about 9 hours. If you are looking for a day-hike in Patagonia, consider Laguna Torres.

#4: Piedra del Fraile & Glacier Pollone

This is an absolutely wonderful and off-the-beaten-path trek. Piedra del Fraile is a 2-hour walk from the trailhead and the Pollone Glacier will take about another 2 hours from there. Another wonderful day hike, this hike is a bit difficult, so you will hardly see anyone else on the trail. A spectacular day-hike choice.

#3: Perito Moreno Glacier 

An absolute classic, we LOVE sending our travelers up onto the Perito Moreno Glacier. This is one of the Best Hikes in Patagonia because of it’s easy to access from El Calafate, as well as the ABSOLUTELY STUNNING view at the top of the glacier. This roughly 4-hour hike with crampons is a must-do hike in Patagonia. What more needs to be said? Do it! Perito Moreno Glacier is truly a must see place in Patagonia.

#2: Mount Fitz Roy Trek and Cerro Torre

No list titled the Best Hikes in Patagonia would be complete without the Mount Fitz Roy Trek and Cerro Torres hike.  This is arguably the most classic trek in all of Patagonia because it gets you up close and personal with the most famous peak in all of Patagonia. Located in the Southern part of Torres Del Paine National Park, these two treks can be combined together easily over 2 days in what might be the best hike in all of Patagonia.   They can also be split up into two separate hikes and completed as day trips easily from El Chalten. We included below an El Chalten hiking map for you to explore this beautiful town that serves as the Gateway to Argentina’s Patagonia.


Here is a hiking map of El Chalten in Patagonia. This El Chalten map will help you understand and navigate through Patagonia.

Last up on our list of The Best Hikes in Patagonia is…

#1: The W Trek

The W Trek in Patagonia is our favorite hike and the best multi-day trek we most often recommend to our travelers.  This trek through Torres del Paine National Park will take you 4 days at a decent pace and will require good stamina and physical fitness. You will need rugged backpacking gear but fear not! We have you covered as we have a list of the Essential Equipment for the W Trek or O Trek in Patagonia. This is THE must-do hike or trek in Patagonia.

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