The Perfect Peru Amazon Lodge – Posada Amazonas Lodge
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The Perfect Peru Amazon Lodge – Posada Amazonas Lodge

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Oct 12, 2016


By Michelle Beetham

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Review of Posada Amazonas Peru Amazon Lodge

Updated: April 10, 2018

The Peruvian Amazon has been on my bucket list for quite some time, and lucky for me, while traveling in Peru, I was able to check it off. I combined Lima, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Peruvian Amazon, for the perfect Peru tour. The 4-days I spent at Posada Amazonas exploring the Amazon were by far some of my favorite days. Read on for my first-hand review of Posada Amazonas, Peru Amazon Lodge. Posada Amazonas sits along the Tambopata River and is the ideal launching point for all excursions throughout the Amazon. A short walk takes you the canopy tower, a parrot clay lick, the boat launch and ox-bow lake.  The lodge itself is an open-air lodge with elevated walkways connecting the lounge, dining room, bar, and rooms. The amenities, local guides, exciting excursions and delicious food make this the perfect Peru Amazon Lodge. Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada Amazonas

Local Expert Guides

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada Amazonas CommonsI was blown away by the local English speaking guides at Posada Amazonas. Our naturalist guide was born and raised in the small community nearby, Infierno, just outside of Puerto Maldonaldo. Locals from the community-run Posada Amazonas, which provides travelers with a more unique and authentic experience. Our guide explained that he had worked to build the lodge and loves being able to share his home with people from around the world. Spotting wildlife is second nature for the guides; they know how to identify the different species and can identify the different sounds of the jungle. One highlight was waking up to a red howler monkey nearby the lodge. That morning, our guide was able to follow the monkey’s howling and took us straight to the howler monkey. We watched him for about 20-minutes as he continued to protect his territory from other nearby monkeys.

Accommodations & Open-Air Rooms!

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada Amazonas RoomsAll rooms at Posada Amazonas are Open Air. Meaning you have one wall that faces open to the Amazon, allowing you to hear the sounds of the jungle and observe wildlife right from your room. You can choose between Traditional, Comfort or Suite rooms. I recommend the Suite rooms so that you can enjoy larger rooms equipped with hammocks, 24-hour warm water, an overhead fan, and a larger bathroom.

Lodge Programs

Posada Amazonas offers programs ranging from 2-nights to 5-nights. We spent 3-nights, and I recommend spending at least 3-nights because of the travel time to get to and from the lodge.


The great thing about Posada Amazonas is that all excursions are within 30-45 minutes from the lodge. This means you won’t waste a ton of time traveling between excursions and can pack more activities into your trip to see more of the jungle.

Parrot Clay Lick

Peru Amazon Lodge - Parrot clay lickThe parrot clay lick is a short 20-30 minute walk from the lodge. Here, hundreds of parrots gather to lick the clay from the rock. Don’t be surprised if you see up to ten different species of parrots and parakeets. Look for the Dusky-headed and cobalt-winged parakeets, chestnut-fronted macaws, and yellow-crowned, Blue-headed, and orange-cheeked parrots.

Canopy Tower

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada Amazonas CanopyThe canopy tower is a 30-minute walk from the lodge. As you arrive at the 25 meter (80 ft) high canopy tower, you’ll be amazed by its height, but do not worry it is safe to climb. At the top, you’ll enjoy some of the most incredible views above the jungle’s canopy. Grab some binoculars and look for monkeys, toucans, parrots, and other canopy dwellers.

Jungle Night Walk

One night your guide will take you on a jungle night walk to see the nocturnal wildlife. There are 100 mammal species, thousands of insect species and over 100 species of reptiles and amphibians that come alive at night. Walk through the pitch black forest without a flashlight so as to not scare away the animals. Use your other senses and listen as the jungle comes to life.

Ox Bow Lake

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada Amazonas oxbow lakeWake up at the crack of dawn and take a short boat ride, followed by a short hike to Ox-Bow lake. This is a very calm and quiet lake where a variety of different birds gather. Look for toucans, scarlet red and green macaws in the trees, the stinky bird, the black caiman and the friendly endangered giant otter. You might even have the chance to fish for piranha in the lake. It is catch and release, but if you’re lucky the group will bring one piranha back to the lodge to serve as a small appetizer before dinner.

Farm Visit

A short 30-minute boat ride down the river takes you to a community farm. Here you’ll be able to try some of the delicious fruits that only grow in the Amazon and learn how the farmers support their family.

Nature Hikes

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada AmazonasSpend an afternoon hiking through the Peruvian rainforest with your local guide to see the impressive Brazil Nut tree standing at 120 feet (40 meters) tall. The ironwood trees are common in the region and are easy to spot with their enormous trunks and large branches, look up and see if you can spot some macaws nesting in the tree. Continue to see the most important tree, the Ceiba. The Ceiba trees grow for hundreds of years reaching nearly 150 feet (50 meters) high, with the base so extensive, it takes nearly 50 people holding hands to encircle the tree.

Ethnobotanical garden visit

One of the most spectacular things about the Amazon is the fact that you can find more than 600 species of birds, over 100 species of mammals along with 100 species of reptiles and amphibians. However, there are thousands of species of plants. The natural herbs and medicines that they extract from the plants for medicinal purposes have long been a part of the communities. On this excursion, you’ll walk through the ethnobotanical garden and even sample some of the medicines yourself!

Food & Drinks

All meals are included and are served buffet style in the dining room. They include both local recipes and more common foods like spaghetti to ensure every visitor is comfortable. If you have dietary restrictions, let your travel agent know, and they can accommodate accordingly. Even their Peru Amazon Lodge has a bar! Alcoholic drinks can be purchased at the bar, next to the dining room. I recommend trying some of their specialty Pisco Sour cocktails before dinner.

History of Posada Amazonas – Peru Amazon Lodge

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada AmazonasPosada Amazonas opened in 1998 with Rainforest Expeditions. Rainforest Expeditions is a Peruvian Ecotourism company, which has been operating since 1989 at the Tambopata Research Center. In 1995, the Community of Infierno asked how they could be more involved with the operations. At that point, Eduardo Nycander, who was involved with the company since the beginning, worked with the community to explain ecotourism and shortly after they began funding for Posada Amazonas. This was a joint venture with the Community of Infierno and Rainforest Expeditions.

Packing Tips for the Amazon!

  1. Earplugs if you’re sensitive to sound earplugs will help tremendously at night.
  2. Quick-dry shirts & pants! Bring plenty of quick-dry shirts and pants. This will ensure you have a comfortable experience. Let’s be honest the rainforest gets hot, and as you’re hiking through the jungle, you’ll want to be comfortable.
  3. Bring a good camera with a good zoom feature. Have your camera ready! You never know when you’ll walk past a friendly bunch of monkey’s or spot some macaws overhead.

Check out our detailed packing list >> 

Are you ready for your Peruvian Amazon adventure? Contact our Travel Consultants and start planning the perfect trip to the Amazon. Ask us about Posada Amazonas, our recommended Peru Amazon Lodge and get started planning your dream trip!

Peru Amazon Lodge - Posada Amazonas

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