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Sampling South American Cuisine
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Argentina Tours

Sampling South American Cuisine

3 min read

Oct 7, 2015


By Johanna Wilcox

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Sampling South American Cuisine

While South America is famous for its stunning landscapes, sandy beaches, friendly people, and opportunities for adventure, one of the other key attractions to South America is the incredible abundance of cuisine! From flaky, delicious empanadas, to the traditional Asado barbecue in Argentina, to delicate ceviche in Peru, you’ll quickly find the cuisine is just as vibrant as the people. Keep reading to learn more about the must-try South American cuisine, cuisine of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina.

Brazil – South American Cuisine


south-american-cuisineBrazil’s cuisine has many different influences and varies widely from region to region. Northern Brazil has the most traditional cuisine, featuring delicious indigenous food. Southern Brazil has an excellent variety of meats and spit-fired barbecue made popular by the nomadic Gaucho lifestyle. The national dish, Feijoada, is extremely popular in Rio de Janiero and Southeast Brazil. Feijoada a stew made with tender meat, usually beef or pork and black beans prepared over a fire in a clay pot. It’s customarily served with oranges and rice on the side.

Argentina – South American Cuisine


south-american-cuisineArgentina is another country with wide variation between Mediterranean influences from Italian and Spanish restaurants and indigenous foods. There are all kinds of wonderful meals to be had. In Argentina, beef is the most popular meat, in fact, carne, the Spanish word for meat is just assumed to mean beef in Argentina.  Argentine’s love to eat and many social gatherings are centered around sharing a meal together. Homemade food is considered a sign of affection, and Sunday dinners with families are considered the main event of the week. Asado, a kind of barbecue featuring beef is extremely popular in Argentina and generally accompanied with famous Argentine wines. They also make amazing empanadas with all the fillings under the sun that make for a tasty and unique snack or appetizer, variations on fillings and shape can be found across South America.

Click to read more about our Argentine Wine Tours!

Peru – South American Cuisine


south-american-cuisinePeru’s coastal region is famous worldwide for its amazing seafood. There are many species of oceanic plant and animal that cannot be found anywhere else. Ceviche is one of their most popular dishes. It’s made with raw fish marinated in seasoned lime juice and is often served with raw onions, roasted corn, or a side dish made with fried potatoes. It’s traditionally accompanied by beer. In Lima, Creole cuisine is the most popular, but Japanese food, particularly sushi, and many others are also extremely common. No matter what your fancy, there’s something delicious for you in Peru.

Ecuador – South American Cuisine


south-american-cuisineEcuadorian food is extremely diverse, varying widely among the mountain regions that have an emphasis on meat and potatoes, and the lower regions that have an abundance of fresh fruit. Generally, lunches are bigger than dinners in Ecuador. Typical Ecuadorian food consists of soup and rice platters, but there are also dishes like Patacon pisou, a sandwich made with slices of fried plantains and generally filled with fresh vegetables and meats.

To get a real feel for South American cuisine, I recommend visiting every country in South America.  Start planning your dream cuisine tour today!


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