What to Pack for a Peru Amazon Tour
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What to Pack for a Peru Amazon Tour

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Mar 21, 2013


By Rebecca Deering

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Last updated on October 5th, 2020 at 04:58 am

The Ultimate Packing List for a Peru Amazon Tour

So, let me guess! You’ve decided to take a Peru Amazon Tour  and you’re wondering what to wear and pack in the Amazon? With this travel advice from SouthAmerica.travel, you’ll be all set to embark on an amazing journey to the Peru Amazon.

packing list for the Amazon

What to Pack for a Peru Amazon Tour: What to wear

1) Footwear: Most lodges will provide you with rubber boots for walking the trails but ask your travel consultant to double check this for you. If they don’t, it is important to bring strong footwear that are comfortable with strong ankle support and good grip. Waterproofing your shoes is recommended because you might encounter rain or mud.You’ll also want some comfortable rubber-soled shoes to wear around the lodge when you’re not out exploring.

Peru Amazon Rainforest Tours

2) Thick Socks: Wearing wool socks will keep moisture away from your feet while you’re trekking through the jungle in your rubber boots.

3) Layers: Bring layers and changes of clothing. For your excursions, you’ll need long sleeves, long pants and high socks. This is for protection from bugs and the sun. You can get breathable quick dry pants and long sleeve shirts (like the ones used for fishing) which will keep you comfortable so you can focus on the wildlife and flora.

When you are relaxing in the lodge, you can wear t-shirts and shorts.

4) Extra Clothing: Remember that its quite humid in the Amazon so your clothing won’t always dry even if you hang it up. Most lodges do not have laundry services. So bring extra clothing!

5) Rain Gear: Bring a poncho or a waterproof jacket. Many lodges will let you buy these at their offices before you start out on your tour.

6) Headwear: Bring a hat or cap to keep the sun out and also your head dry and clean!

7) Swimsuit: You may have a chance to go swimming in the tributaries or even the Amazon River itself. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity without a suit!

What to Pack for a Peru Amazon Tour: Supplies

Keep in mind the following supplies for a Peru Amazon Tour:

1) Backpack: bring a waterproof, sturdy backpack that you can carry your camera, water bottle, binoculars, etc while out on the trails or in the canoes / motorized boats.

2) Flashlight and Batteries: A flashlight is important for anyone enjoying the great outdoors, so bring plenty of batteries. A headlamp will work as well as it keeps your hands free. Many lodges will not have electricity throughout the lodge so in the case you need to find something in your bag at night, you’ll want to keep a light source handy. Also, many lodges will have a night walk activity and you can use the flashlight or headlamp to spot night creatures!

3) Insect Repellent: Your insect repellent should be at a minimum 20% DEET. However, you can’t bring this on the plane to Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos, so ask your guide where to buy it when you arrive!

4) Bring your binoculars: Jungle animals are often spotted far away so you’ll want to get a good look!

5) Wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer

6) First Aid Kit: Its always smart to bring along some pain medication, bandages, blister covers, etc. The guides will have first aid knowledge and some supplies but they are not allowed to administer pain medication.

7) Wristwatch: There is not always electricity in the rooms in the lodges, and you’ll need to know the time so that you can meet your guide for each activity!

Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick Peru Amazon Rainforest 8) Camera, batteries and extra memory card: Photo opportunities may be around every corner so bring your camera and extra batteries and memory cards.

9) Plastic Bags: Plastic Bags can be useful for various reasons but a main reason is to keep dry clothes dry, and wet clothes away from other things in your backpack.

10) Toiletries and Medicine: Anything that you think you may need in terms of toiletries or medicine you should bring with you. Some lodges will have a few basic items if you forget anything. Things like toothpaste, toothbrush, lotions, hairbrush, allergy medicine, antacids, etc. Leave the electronics at home though, you won’t be able to use a hairdryer or curling iron at the lodge.

11) Your Passport: You must have your original passport with you. You can keep this in the safe in your room.

Now you’re ready for your Peru Amazon Tour! Please see our tours here for some ideas on lodges in the areas of Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado!

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