Inca Trail Packing List | Must-Have Equipment for Your Peru Trek
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Inca Trail Packing List | Must-Have Equipment for Your Peru Trek

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Apr 5, 2018


By Gabe Scalise

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Inca Trail Packing List | Must-Have Equipment for Your Peru Trek

inca-trail-packing-list Inca Trail Packing List & Must-Have Equipment for Your Peru Trek. So, you are headed on a trek in Peru and looking for the ultimate Inca Trail Packing List. We have you covered! In this one-of-a-kind guide, we cover the must-have equipment, items, clothes, cameras, electronics, gear & more for your Inca Trail Trek. The Inca Trail in Peru is a right of passage for any adventure travel lover, & thrill seeker. The Inca Trail is easily accessed from Cusco or Lima and if you have time while you are traveling to Peru, you should consider a trekking adventure along the trail. So before you set off on your dream Peru Tour or Machu Picchu & Inca Trail Tour, let’s explore all the must-have & essential items to pack while preparing to trek the Inca Trail.

Are you ready for the essential Inca Trail items? Let the ultimate Inca Trail Packing List begin!

Solar-Powered Charger

No trek in Peru would be complete without a way to share your memories with your friends and family. That is why a Solar Charger for your phone or digital camera is an essential item. Solar Chargers can be found cheaply these days and it is a good idea to buy one before your trip to Peru so you can stay charged and take beautiful photos along the way!

#11: Digital Camera

A digital camera is a must-have when packing for any worldly adventure tour. Digital camera prices have come way down and with your solar-powered charger that we recommended at item #12, we will always have a charged camera to capture your memories along the Inca Trail Trek in Peru! Don’t forget to share them with the world when you get back!

#10: Tent

A tent is a must-have item for anyone doing a self-guided trek along the Inca Trail. It will be where you sleep every night, where you stay dry from the rain and weather, and where you upload all your photos and read your book with your headlamp. Don’t forget one! If you are on a Peru Tour with and trekking, we always include one in your guided Inca Trail trekking tour. That will not only save you money but save you a lot of weight as you backpack through the mountains, rivers, valleys, and beyond.

>#9: Sleeping Bag

When trekking or hiking overnight in the mountains, the one item to never forget is a warm sleeping bag. The Inca Trail Trek in Peru is no different. You will need a warm sleeping bag to stay nice and cozy at night as you sleep in your tent. Remember, if you are traveling with a South America Tour Operator like, we provide the tent & the sleeping bag along with your guided Inca trail trek in Peru. Otherwise, you will need to buy and bring your own.

#8: First-Aid Kit

Never leave home for a journey into the mountains for trekking, hiking, or backpacking without a first aid kit. Staying healthy on the trail is vital as you are far away from the nearest medical care.

#7: Money / Cash

Now you won’t need a lot of money obviously along your Inca Trail Trek in Peru, however, it is never a bad idea to keep some local Peruvian cash or money in a secure place to tip guides, pay for food along the way, or to get you out of a sticky situation. $100 USD in Peruvian currency should do the trick so make sure to take out that money in Cusco or Lima before you set off on your trek into the mountains.

#6: Raincoat

Another no-brainer, but we thought we should include it anyway. When headed out into nature, the woods, the mountains, or for an adventure tour anywhere in the world, it is vital that you bring a raincoat to stay happy and dry on your trip. Getting wet can ruin an entire trip and so pack a raincoat and stay happy and healthy! A raincoat can be purchased in either Lima or Cusco very easily and so even if you forgot one, it is easy to add one to your Inca Trail Packing List to grab in one of those cities prior to starting your trek.

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If not, keep reading to learn the best items to have on your Inca Trail Packing List. Next up…

#5: Headlamp

Another no-brainer, but a headlamp is not just for safety but is also how you see in the dark in your tent. It can be used to flag down help when you are in danger, as well as to make cool effects in long-exposure photos in the mountains. Don’t leave home without one!

#4: Water bottle

Hydration is key! Bring a water bottle when trekking, hiking, on a Lima City Tour or Cusco City Tour, and beyond. Don’t leave home without one.

#3: Maps

Knowing where you are going with a good Inca Trail Map is vital to make sure you stay on the trail, don’t get lost, and end up making it to all the amazing and stunning places you will see along the trek. These days, you can download offline maps to your phone that you can drop points with and access at any point, or you can bring along a guidebook or paper map that details all the Inca Trail highlights and stops.

#2: Your Passport

You will NEED your passport to check in to start your trek along the Inca Trail. NEVER leave your passport with anyone and ALWAYS keep it in a secure place that can not be easily stolen. This is the advice we give to all of our guests as they travel to South America and is the best practice for anyone traveling internationally. Including your passport, in our Inca Trail Packing List is a must!

#1: Hiking Boots / Trekking Boots

The last item on our Inca Trail Packing List is sturdy hiking boots or sturdy trekking boots. These are ESSENTIAL and you will not be able to make the difficult Inca Trail trek without them. We recommend Gore-Tex and at least ankle high hiking boots for this trek. Don’t forget to add a couple extra pairs of socks as well to your Inca Trail Packing List to keep your feet happy and dry!

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