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Santiago, Puerto Varas and Chile Wine Tour
5 / 5 stars
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Our expectations were exceeded with every visit and tour.

Our trip was Fantastic! The local tour group, CTS in both Santiago and Puerto Varas, could not have been better. The guides were all extremely knowledgeable and friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our expectations were exceeded with every visit and tour. In Santiago, we had different guides each day and they were all good, but our guide Ruben on the 2nd day was exceptional! In Puerto Varas, we had the same guide (Javier) each day for our tours. We were told this was unusual as the tour company normally likes to vary the guides each day, but our guide could not have been better. 


One note for you, when scheduling a visit to Puerto Octay and Fruitillar, our guide recommended adding a tour of Volcano Osorno on that day and we did. Definitely include that if you schedule future tours of Fruitillar. We started the day driving up Osorno and were able to hike around. You could also take a ski lift up, rather than hike. We had seen Osorno from the Lake when visiting Puella and could see it from our hotel, but it was still incredible to be on the volcano and see the view.

Two notes on the hotels just for your future reference when booking travelers:

1. Hotel Ismael was a lovely boutique hotel, very clean and modern.  Great location for walking around, close to lots of restaurants and a beautiful park right across the street.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  The one note is the very modern bathroom did not have a shower door (just half glassed in), which was not a problem for short me, but for my husband who is 6' 5" and had to have the shower head angled a little more, water was everywhere. It seems like a silly thing, but may be helpful for taller guests.

2. Hotel Cabana del Lago is big and the location could not be better. The view of the lake is incredible. The food was great. The rooms are huge and very comfortable, but the couch and carpets were old and stained. The hotel is nice, but in need of an update. 

I'm not complaining because we had an amazing time. Please take the above notes in the spirit which they are intended.

5 / 5 stars

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