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3 Days / 2 Nights

Exclusive Easter Island Tour

Hare Noi offers accommodation from 3 to 6 days to explore the fascinating Easter Island.
To make this journey a personal and exclusive experience, there will be no fixed itinerary. Every day you will choose one of the group excursions the guides will present you to discover this land where mythology and reality converge, and whose unsolved mysteries leave room for your imagination to burst.
Make use of the facilities, such as the spa and the restaurant.

Note: This is a tour extension and must be combined with one of our full package (6 nights minimum) tours. Please contact a travel consultant about adding a custom Easter Island travel package to this extension.

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Video Lodge

$ 1266
Per Person

We include what others call optional

This tour includes:

    • Roundtrip transfers from Easter Island (IPC) Airport
    • Entrance fee to the National Parks
    • Accommodation
    • Full-board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)*
    • Soft frinks, beer & wines
    • Bilingual guides
    • Use of the pool, sauna and jacuzzi
    • Daily half-day excursions or full-day excursions accompanied by other guests
      *Including lunch at either arrival or departure day


  • Visits to the emblematic 'moais'
  • Boat trips
  • Visits to Hanga Roa Village
  • Personalized itinerary with expert guides
  • Massages and treatments using local elements

Easter Island moais statues

Arrival in Easter Island & Ahu Akivi Tour

Day 1

Upon arrival at Easter Island airport, meet a representative of Hare Noi who will join you on your journey to the hotel.
Check-in and enjoy the hotel's facilities, including a spa offering massages and treatments using the local elements on the island, a pool, and a solarium.
Meet your guide, an expert on Rapa Nui culture with whom you will decide the excursions you will take on this personalized trip.
Some of the tours you might take include:

Take your excursion to visit two of the several altars, known as ahus, on the island: Ahu Akivi and Ahu Tahai. Ahu Akivi is made up of seven moais, the only ones facing the sea, that represent the seven explorers that arrived in the island upon the request of their king, Akivi Hotu Matu'a, according to the local folk. Learn about the moais and the different theories surrounding their transportation, a mystery that still remains unsolved.
Also, visit other important sight: Puna Pau, a quarry located near Hanga Roa town where you will learn about the pukao, or topknots that some moais have over their heads. Weather permitting, visit some of the famous lava tube caves of the island.
Type of Excursion: Half day
Duration: 3:00 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 6 km
Environment: Archaeological sites

Motu Nui Islet boating excursion

Boat Trip & Artesanal Fishing

Day 2

Pacific Ocean Boat Trip:
Boarding a local fisherman's boat gives you the opportunity to see the island from another perspective. Begin at an important bay called Hanga Piko where you may be able to spot some turtles. On your trip, contemplate caves, soaring cliffs and migratory sea birds which come to nest on the motu or islets off the coast of the island. Also, learn about the ancient annual birdman competition ('Tangata Manu' in Rapa Nui), and explore Rano Kau, one of the three inactive volcanoes.
Type of Excursion: Half day
Duration: 2:00 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 8 km
Environment: Open ocean, this trip is subject to weather conditions

Artesanal Fishing:
Learn and try out the local ancestral fishing methods using the same materials which have been used for hundreds of years. Afterwards, return to the hotel with the catch of the day and enjoy a delicious meal.
Type of Excursion: Half day
Duration: 2:00 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2 km
Environment: Open ocean, subject to weather conditions

Landscape of Tongariki Moais statues

Departure from Easter Island

Day 3

After breakfast, transfer to the airport to take a 6-hour flight back to Santiago and continue your South America vacation or fly back home.
For those who will like to spend more days on the island, Hare Noi also offers packages including up to 6 days of accommodation. The places to visit during the excursions include Hanga Roa Village, Orongo, Ahu Tongariki, Anakena Beach, and more.

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