10 Best Places to Visit in Bolivia
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10 Best Places to Visit in Bolivia

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Nov 1, 2013


By Guest

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Last updated on December 28th, 2020 at 02:55 pm

10 Best Places to Visit in Bolivia

Bolivia, one of the most secluded places on Earth, is an excellent destination to travel to. It is rich in multi-ethnic cultures, beautiful landscapes, and adventure-filled locales. Bolivia tours offer something different and unique and something off the beaten path. Let’s start by exploring the 10 best places to visit in Bolivia which are recommended by our guest writer Victoria Armstrong of Travel N Camping Info. Those are the highlights but certainly, there are many other things to do in Bolivia.

1. Salar de Uyuni


First on our list of 10 best places to visit in Bolivia are the stunning Uyuni Salt Flats, one of the must-see spots in the country. The salt flats spread across 4000 square miles of land, making this area the flattest place in the world. This salt desert was the remnants of a prehistoric lake in this region. Its particular landscape of bright-white salt takes the form of a giant mirror, often reflecting the sky above. If you want to see this stunning mirror effect of a desert keep in mind the best time to visit Uyuni would be in the rainy season.

2. La Paz


Next on our list of 10 best places to visit in Bolivia is the city of La Paz. This ancient administrative Bolivian capital never fails to attract tourists. It is the capital with an array of closely-packed homes, colonial architecture, and dramatic mountain peaks in the distance. This city rests on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau, high above sea level. In fact, it is the highest elevated capital in South America, over 11, 942 feet over the sea level.

With a striking setting like La Paz, make sure to ride the aerial cable car to experience spectacular views. Another popular tour to do in La Paz is the Witches Market. This local attraction is a place where indigenous people sell their natural remedies, alpaca goods, and various handmade arts and crafts.

3. Lake Titicaca


Third, on our list is Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca, due to the fact it’s the largest lake in South America, is without a doubt one of the 10 best places to visit in Bolivia. It is the highest navigable lake in the world! On a Lake Titicaca catamaran cruise, explore the floating islands of Uros. See indigenous people living on floating, handmade reed islands.

Or spend the night on the Island of the Sun, an important Inca site and now a tranquil farming village. Alternatively, opt to stay in a resort in Puno, on the Peruvian shore. Any Lake Titicaca tour you choose will make for a fantastic day, especially with the beautiful blue water shimmering beneath you.

4. Sucre


Next, we have Sucre! Sucre is in the southern highlands of Bolivia. Known as the constitutional capital of Bolivia, it’s nickname is “The City of Four Names,” as it is famous for obtaining multiple names. By the way, the Spanish founded this capital during the 1500s and 16th-century. A Sucre city tour is perfect if you admire colonial architecture.

5. Bolivian Amazon Jungle


Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest basin spills into parts of Bolivia? Well, it does! In fact, the Amazon is a rich region full of tranquil, virgin forests. Much of this region is relatively unexplored, making it the perfect, peaceful place for you to wander.

There are some Amazon tours you can opt for in Bolivia. Especially, if you look for more authentic experiences. Most of them start from the city of Rurrenabaque. You can even take the Amazon river cruise on Reina de Enin boat.

6. Cerro Rico, Potosi


The city of Potosi holds the rich mountain known as the Cerro Rico. Cerro Rico is remembered as the mountain that lured the Spanish to come after its silver. Currently, tin is mined due to the deprivation of silver that was lost long ago. Take a Potosi tour of the mines while you’re here, and for a more cautious outing, visit the Mint Museum and the many other colonial highlights. Potosi is one of the best places to visit in Bolivia for its interesting history of mining and how it played a big role in the prosperity of the Spanish Empire.

7. Madidi National Park


Madidi National Park starts in the Andes and stretches it’s a territorial region all the way to the Amazon. Spread across an area of 7000 square miles, this biological park is extremely popular among tourists. Keep your eyes open and you may even spot a jaguar, titi monkeys, bird species, or the giant otters that call this forest their home. The Park is still home to local indigenous people that speak Quechua and other local languages.

8. Yungas Road


Feeling adventurous? Take a mountain bike ride along Yungas Road, the world’s most dangerous road, and one of the most popular attractions in Bolivia. Yungas Road runs from La Paz to the exotic Amazon rainforest in Bolivia. The tourist route is almost 40 miles long. It’s known for being dangerous due to numerous steep slopes, frequent rain, and fog, lack of good infrastructure. Though not for vehicle travel, this road remains one among the top 10 best places to visit in Bolivia.

9. Tiwanaku

The ruins of Tiwanaku, which belonged to the Tiwanaku people, the major precursor of the Inca Empire, are on the southeastern banks of Lake Titicaca. This impressive archeological site is among the ancient cities in the world. This Pre-Columbian site can be visited from La Paz as a half-day tour. Tiwanaku ruins tour is something you need to include if you are into archeology.

10. Sorata

Last on our list of the best places to visit in Bolivia is Sorata. This sleepy town on the outskirts of La Paz is perfect for those who wish to hike over the Cordillera Mountains. It’s a great “base camp” for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and all sort of Bolivia adventure tours. Probably one of the best places to visit in Bolivia if you are looking for off the beaten track experiences. Here you can see the snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, and cute alpacas.

About the Author

Victoria Armstrong writes for www.travelncampinginfo.com. Travel N Camping Info provides travel and camping information, tips, and news for a wonderful vacation. You can also get information on a various travel destinations, camping tips, travel essentials, accessories, vacation planning tips, resorts and hotels, and much more.

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Last updated on December 28th, 2020 at 02:55 pm

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