Torres Del Paine W Trek and O Trek Essential Equipment
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Torres Del Paine W Trek and O Trek Essential Equipment

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Jan 31, 2018


By Gabe Scalise

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2024 at 06:33 am

Equipment you MUST have For the Torres Del Paine W Trek and O Trek

The Torres Del Paine W Trek and O Trek are perfect for people interested in Adventure Tours.  Every adventure traveler knows that the thing you rely most on is your equipment. Your equipment is there to enable you to accomplish your adventure goals, to promote safety and best practices in the rugged outdoors, and to keep you happy and healthy along the way.

That is why if you’re looking into Patagonia Tours or planning a trip to Patagonia in the near future, you must read our travel tips on the Essential Equipment for the Torres Del Paine W Trek or O Trek in Patagonia! Ready?! Join us as we cover the Equipment Essentials for the Torres Del Paine W Trek  and  O Trek! But first, some quick background on the essential W trek equipment.

The W Trek:

The Torres Del Paine W Trek specifically is a 4-day hiking and camping adventure through Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. Highlights along the W Trek include the Grey Glacier, the base of the Towers, the Cuernos Mountain, and the French Valley. This trek is a must-do in Patagonia and you will quickly realize why.

The O Trek:

Also known as The Circuit, the O Trek is an 10-day / 9-night trek through Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.  The O Trek is an extension to the W Trek and includes akk the ame highlights. In addition it also includes other glaciers, magnificent rope bridge crossings, dreamy meadows, and, John Garner Pass. This pass is the highlight of this long, rugged trek and if you are a wild adventurer, this trek MUST be on your bucket list. Now that we have some background, it is time for our list of the Essential Equipment for the W Trek or O Trek in Patagonia!

1. Sturdy Hiking Boots – Torres Del Paine

Boots - Equipment -Torres del Paine TrekThis one goes without saying. If you are on a trek or hike in Patagonia (or anywhere for that matter), you know that being comfortable and dry in a pair of sturdy hiking boots is the foundation to having a successful and happy time in the great outdoors. Do not overlook this. When planning a trip to Patagonia, the first thing to do is to check your hiking boots and make sure they are still waterproof and in good shape. If you are looking for new hiking boots, we recommend L.L. Bean’s Goretex Cresta Leather Hiking Boots. These boots have demonstrated time and again to us that they hold up under the stresses of hiking. With a Vibram sole for great grip on slippery or steep surfaces, as well as full-grain waterproof leather, these are the ideal choice for anyone planning to hike the Torres Del Paine W trek or O trek in Patagonia.

2. A Comfortable Framed Backpack – Torres Del Paine

Backpack - Equipment -Torres del Paine Trek

the Torres Del Paine W Trek and O Trek. will both require that you bring a comfortable framed backpack is essential for a multi-day hike through the mountains. It is vital that you are as comfortable as possible along the way. We recommend going to get fit for a sturdy framed backpack between 40-70 liters from your local outdoor store. Personally, we love all Osprey Packs from REI.  Osprey backpacks have revolutionary suspension systems, come in every color under the sun, and come with a lifetime warranty! What more needs to be said! Go try one on and see for yourself.

3. Offline Maps App or Guide Book – Torres Del Paine

Maps -Torres del Paine TrekNext up, MAPS! It seems so obvious to say, but often so overlooked when travelers make the journey to Patagonia. Having maps either on your phone or in a Guide Book is an essential piece of equipment to have when hiking the Torres Del Paine W trek or O trek in Patagonia. Yes, the path through the mountains along both these treks is very straightforward, but that does not mean people do not get lost. We ALWAYS recommend to our travelers to travel with an English-Speaking Expert Local Guide for the duration of your trek for that very reason. If going solo is your style or a must, DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS. These days, it is easier than ever to carry maps with you everywhere you go.

Your smartphone can download an offline map application very easily and you can carry it around with you and pinpoint your location no matter where you are in the world. How cool is that!?! We recommend to our adventure travelers to Patagonia to download the app for their smartphone.  This app is available for both Android and iPhone and has been a lifesaver for many people over the years. I have traveled all across South America and I have run into many people who rely heavily on this application. After you download the app, open it, and search for Puerto Natales, Chile. It will scan the world and zoom into the location for you, alerting you to download that map section for offline use. You can even drop points along the way to remember beautiful locations, as well as track your speed and elevation, even without cell phone service. We love this application and we know you will too!

4. A Warm Down Jacket – Torres Del Paine

Jacket equipment-w-trek-o-trek-torres del paine A warm down-jacket is an essential piece of equipment on a trek along the W Trek or O Trek in Patagonia. While trekking, you will be up and moving around, burning calories, and generating a lot of heat. A down-jacket ensures that you stay safe and warm at all points throughout your journey along the Torres Del Paine W Trek or O Trek. A good quality down-jacket is lightweight, water-resistant, and amazingly warm. We recommend Seattle brand Outdoor Research for a down-jacket for your trip to Patagonia. The Transcendent Down Hoody is a great choice available to both Men and Women. It comes in a number of colors and is sure to keep you warm no matter what situation you find yourself in along your trek.

 5. A Portable and Amazing Digital Camera– Torres Del Paine

equipment-w-trek-o-trek-torres del paine How are you going to show off all the amazing places you saw and all the hard work you put in trekking the O trek or W trek if you don’t bring a proper camera along?! A digital camera is an essential piece of equipment for any trip to Patagonia. Our only requirements for a digital camera for a trek to Patagonia are that it is small, lightweight, and shoots amazing photos. It is for that reason, we recommend the Sony RX100 V. It is small, lightweight, and can put up with nearly anything Patagonia can throw at it. The camera may be small, but it will capture loads of memories.

6. A Charging Pack for Your Cellphone or Camera – Torres Del Paine

equipment-w-trek-o-trek-torres del paineEveryone dislikes when their phone dies. However, you would especially hate it if your phone contained your CAMERA, your MAPS, your EMERGENCY CONTACTS, and more. Stop this problem right in its tracks by getting a charging pack for your electronic devices. They are cheap and can provide hours of more usage. Some can even charge with solar power! For the Torres Del Paine W Trek or O Trek, we recommend the GoalZero Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit for this reason. All you have to do is hang the solar charger from your backpack, plug in your device, and you’re set! Endless charging, courtesy of the sun. What’s better than that?!

7. Polarized Sunglasses – Torres Del Paine

equipment-sunglassesWhen you are out in the mountains or in high-elevations, polarized sunglasses are ideal to keep your eyes safe. They shield your eyes from harmful UV light, as well as protect against snow blindness. You may already have a pair of Polarized Sunglasses. If you do, that is great! If you do not, consider picking up a pair to add to your equipment collection before starting the Torres Del Paine W trek or O trek. We recommend the Julbo Sherpa – Spectron 3+ Sunglasses. They are classic mountaineering sunglasses and they are perfect for catching spectacular views of the high peaks of the Andes. Views that only Patagonia can offer!

8. A Bright Headlamp – Torres Del Paine

equipment-headlampA bright headlamp! This was an easy choice for us. If you are an adventure traveler, you know that a headlamp is one of the most important pieces of equipment. When we travel, we love the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp. It is powerful enough to get the job done whether you are starting your day of trekking off before the sun rises, or whether you are sitting around your lodge or camp reading your book. This headlamp is perfect for the Torres Del Paine W trek or O trek, and the only question you will have left is why it took you so long to buy one.

9. Trekking Poles – Torres Del Paine

Last, but certainly not least….Trekking poles. Having trekked both the Torres del Paine W-trek and O-trek myself on two separate occasions. Once with and once without trekking poles. I can firmly attest to the fact that they make a huge difference. The poles help to keep your back upright, help to distribute weight more evenly, and provides much need balance. You can also anchor them to stay out when things get windy. Trekking poles are easy to pick up at any of the rental stores in Puerto Natales. You can also bring your own in this case I would recommend poles which are collapsible. I recommend the Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles. These are well priced, sturdy, and are easy to bring in your luggage.

Well, there you have it! All the Essential Equipment for the W Trek or O Trek in Patagonia!

Patagonia truly offers the chance for hikers or trekkers to surround themselves with absolutely breathtaking natural beauty, towering peaks, and interact and engage with amazingly diverse local cultures, all in one stunning place! Patagonia is also a spectacular destination because it offers a huge range of options in terms of accommodations, landscape, and fitness level, and we love sending guests of all abilities and travel styles to Patagonia for this reason. Whether you enjoy roughing it in a tent way up in the mountains or if you prefer to sleep in style in one of Patagonia’s beautiful eco-camps or luxury mountain lodges, there is something for everyone in Patagonia.

Loved learning all about the equipment you will need to trek through Patagonia? Stay up to date with all the latest South American News by visiting our blog!

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2024 at 06:33 am

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