An Amazon River Cruise Journey Aboard the Tucano
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An Amazon River Cruise Journey Aboard the Tucano

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May 23, 2014


By Jennifer Salinas

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Amazon River Cruise Journey I have been to the Brazilian Amazon three times and have stayed both in an Amazon lodge and taken a cruise. If you have the time, you really need to get away from the city and farther up the river to truly appreciate the vastness of the forest. In my opinion, the perfect way to see the Brazilian Amazon is on the Motor Yacht Tucano. Find out about my Amazon River Cruise Journey aboard the Tucano, and contact me if you are interested in doing the same journey!

Excursions Aboard the Tucano

Besides the obvious tours and excursion provided by every lodge or cruise in the Amazon, there are many benefits to cruising on the Tucano that you may not be aware of.

Amazon River Cruise Journey

First, this boat travels many days up the Rio Negro and after awhile, you see no sign of civilization except the occasional canoe full of locals paddling up to the Tucano to talk and trade their fresh fish. The advantage of this is that we saw more birds, monkeys, and other wildlife in these undisturbed areas on our daily canoe and hiking trips. For me, that was main reason for visiting the Amazon.

Amazon River Cruise JourneyThe Meeting of the Waters

Amazon River Cruise Journey

Second, you are on the Rio Negro. There are two rivers that merge in front of the city of Manuas that make up the Amazon River. The merging is called “The Meeting of the Waters” where the rivers flow side by side for miles. The two rivers are named the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes. The Rio Negro is more acidic due to the sediment from the source of the river in the mountains and that means many fewer mosquitos. Wait I mean, MANY fewer mosquitos. This makes for pleasant outings both in the small canoes and hikes. I have been to the Rio Solimoes as well and it can be difficult to walk without ingesting mosquitos, even with repellent on.

The Tucano Motor Yacht

Third, the Tucano boat itself. The accommodations were perfect. Imagine after a two-hour hike in the steamy jungle, relaxing to your private room, with air conditioning and a nice warm shower. Very comfortable beds, quiet at night, and plenty of room on the boat to find a nice place to relax.

Amazon River Cruise Journey

Lastly, the food. The cooks made incredible food each day! We ate fresh fruit and fish from the river each day. Local and traditional foods were prepared and the guides always informed us about the fish or fruit, how it is harvested, how they use it, what the fish eats, etc. Most interesting to me was Tambaqui, a fish that eats fruit! But boy, is it good!

Amazon River Cruise Journey

Want to go on an Amazon River Cruise Journey yourself?

If you would like to learn more about the Tucano cruise, feel free to email me at jennifer(at) I would love to help you plan an Amazon River Cruise Journey on the Tucano! You can also visit our website to see the full itinerary for a Tucano cruise here.

Amazon River Cruise Journey

Photos provided by the author and the Tucano.

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