Chapada Diamantina Brazil Tour: Incredible Places Less Traveled in Brazil
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Chapada Diamantina Brazil Tour: Incredible Places Less Traveled in Brazil

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Sep 21, 2012


By Kaitlin McMichael

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Chapada Diamantina Brazil Tour Go beyond the well-trod paths of Brazil’s most popular travel destinations, and see a part of Brazil where natural beauty and tranquility meet. On a Chapada Diamantina Brazil tour, explore one of Brazil’s most unique and fascinating national parks. “Chapada Diamantina,” which means The Plateau of Diamonds, is a mineral-rich region just inland from Salvador in the state of Bahia. Once a minefield of diamonds and gold, the Chapada Diamantina National Park is studded with crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, natural waterslides, deep canyons, and underwater caves. The area was pioneered by gold and diamond hunters, but now the only jewels you’ll find are the spectacular landscapes. The Chapada Diamantina National Park encompasses 38,000 km², making it larger than the Netherlands. Spend just a few days on a Chapada Diamantina Brazil tour, or a whole week, and combine a visit to the Chapada Diamantina with a trip to the Pantanal, Salvador da Bahia, or other Brazil hotspots. Here’s how:

Chapada Diamantina Brazil TourBegin in Lençóis

Lençóis is known as the gateway to the national park. Declared a national monument in 1973, this small town was once headquarters during the mining era. Now it has hotels and restaurants to accommodate the hikers and onlookers eager to visit the national park. Visit the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church, Casa de Afrânio Peixoto, the French vice consulate building, and other relics from the diamond days. There is an airport nearby, and buses from Salvador da Bahia make the trip frequently.

Explore the Highlights of the Chapada Diamantina

Underground Cave - Chapada Diamantina - Brazil

From Lençóis, continue your Chapada Diamantina Brazil tour with guided excursions to each of the highlights of the national park. Visit the underwater caves such as the Lapa Doce, Pratinha, and the Poço Encantado. Get drenched and awed by waterfalls such as the Cachoeira da Fumaça, the tallest in Brazil, watching as the cascade dissolves into water vapor before reaching the canyon 400 meters below. Explore the most unique features of the landscape, the jutting buttes and mesas called tepuy. The Morro do Pai Inácio is one of the most famous. Walk to the top of this tabletop mountain to see tepuy rising up from the valley in all directions. Visit at sunrise or sunset for stunning panoramas. Pass through trails draped in orchids and bromeliads, walking in the footsteps of diamond-hunters who blazed trails throughout the region. There are enough trails to keep the adventurous trekker in the Chapada Diamantina for weeks – but you can let a guide show you the best hikes and then continue on to another Brazil tour. Read more about this Chapada Diamantina Brazil Tour.

Combine with More Brazil Tours

One popular combination with a Chapada Diamantina Brazil tour is a tour of Salvador da Bahia. The capital of Bahia, the city of Salvador is a step back in time to the days when Brazil was a Portuguese colony that thrived on the African slave trade. Colonial architecture is well-preserved in the Pelourinho district, where you can stroll down cobblestone streets, past brightly-painted mansions, churches, and museums, and immerse yourself in the Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador.View the Rhythm and Diamonds tour to Chapada Diamantina and Salvador da Bahia.

Another popular combination is to spend a few days on the coast of Bahia, at the Praia do Forte Brazil Beach Resort. Known as the “Brazilian Polynesia,” Praia do Forte is a beautiful beach dotted with coconut trees, blanketed in sand dunes, and tidal pools. Spend your days at the beach, and take excursions to see the TAMAR Turtle Station, the Sapiranga Reserve, coconut plantations, the Pojuca River, and more. Read more about the Praia do Forte Beach Resort.

Salvador da Bahia & Chapada Diamantina Brazil Tour

Interested in a Chapada Diamantina Brazil Tour? View the full itinerary here:

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